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Market Research and Network Development Strategies for Storm Tokens

StormX, Inc. (Storm) is renaming its popular microtask app “BitMaker” to “Storm Play” and simultaneously launching the incorporation of blockchain technology into the game with the introduction of “STORM tokens.”

Storm Play is StormX’s existing micro-task marketplace, which will be renamed “Storm Market” in the relaunched app. Promotional jobs are presently the primary focus of Storm Market, however StormX envisions that there will be three unique work types in the future:

  •  Promotional user involvement.
  • Microtasks, app QA testing, and lengthier independent contract engagements are all examples of freelance work.
  •  Shopping-related possibilities for users to learn about or try out retail items and services.

Storm Market’s Future Has Arrived.

The basic pieces of Storm Market have been put in place with the introduction of the redesigned Storm Play app and the distribution of STORM tokens.

Storm Market participants seeking engagement (i.e., sellers, advertisers, companies, and so on – we call them “Storm Makers”) use STORM tokens to post tasks in the Storm Market, and Storm Market participants seeking engagement (i.e., consumers, viewers, freelancers, and so on – we call them “Storm Players”) receive reward units called Bolts in exchange for completing specified tasks.

Bolts cannot be transferred or redeemed for STORM Tokens outside of Storm Market. STORM Tokens can then be resold, used to pay for Storm Market task listings, or used in any other way the holder deems appropriate.

(Storm Players will be able to convert Bolts to ETH, BTC, or STORM tokens during the transition time, as explained below; but, once the change is complete, bolts will only be transferable to STORM tokens.)



Development of Storm Play

StormX began by taking a unique approach to the digital advertising business by developing Storm Play, an android mobile application that pays users who engage with gamified adverts with bitcoin.

Storm Play is effective. This novel approach to the advertising industry aided in the development of the concept for a far greater chance to expand this network of potential Storm Players into a marketplace with more earning options based on a range of gamified micro-tasks.

Gamification Design

Storm Market employs gamification elements throughout.

Gamification is the technique of incorporating games or game-like components, such as a micro-task, into an activity to encourage active involvement.

Gamification is the technique of incorporating game concepts into ‘non-gaming’ situations, such as websites, apps, and services, in order to raise user motivation for involvement, engagement, and loyalty.

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It’s an iterative method that uses a gameful design framework to support the user’s mastery journey. Language learning courses, for example, have already been gamified (e.g. Duolingo and Mind Space).

Candy Crush, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans are just a few examples of games that have created a variety of effective gaming tactics.

The major goal of adding a ‘gamification’ layer to the Storm Market platform is to make it more effective at achieving goals such as increasing and delivering business results, such as return on investment (ROI) (Return on Engagement).

Storm Play’s gamified platform can make even the most mundane tasks more entertaining.

Introduction to Storm Market

StormX is rebranding and introducing Storm Market, a platform that supports both proprietary and open-source smart contracts for micro-task marketplace transactions.

STORM tokens are used to deliver awards (Bolts), tools, features, and other tailored access to Storm Market network members.

Storm as Smart Markets

We’re going to use the STORM ERC-20 token to conduct transactions in an opt-in marketplace that will be controlled by Ethereum-based smart contracts and be secure and fun to participate in.

The Bancor protocol will be utilized to enable the STORM token to be used as a Smart Token, although this functionality will not be available at launch.

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Using the Smart Token template, you may create an ERC20 token. The Bancor website and white paper both include further information on the company.

Storm Makers will have to pay StormX with STORM tokens in order to create micro-tasks in Storm Play at the beginning of the network’s existence. There are several ways to obtain STORM tokens:

  • Storm Play, by accumulating tokens that may be exchanged for STORM tokens.
  • User acquisition token allocation, which will be distributed through Storm Play channels such as email, Storm Play, or social media.



Future Development Plans : Storm Tasks

Storm Tasks, the smart contract templates for agreements between Storm Makers and Storm Players, will be developed on Storm Play.

There will be smart contracts built in Solidity called StormX Tasks that will be used to support microtask transactions in the Storm Market.

The Ethereum blockchain will be used to perform Storm Tasks’ underlying computation. The worldwide Ethereum network should validate, execute, and enforce all Storm Task transactions as a result.

Timelines, milestones, payment conditions, and other more complex elements, such as qualifications or credentials necessary to complete a certain micro-task, can all be included in Storm Tasks.

In order to reduce the risk of wrongdoing, the establishment of Storm Market Storm Tasks will provide protection for both parties.

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For example, “Storm Shop” might allow users to learn about or try out retail items, while “Storm Gigs” could allow them to do little projects or other gamified micro-tasks, or they could serve as freelance jobs that Storm Makers would want to have performed.

It is the company’s goal to expand the amount and accessibility of gamified micro-task possibilities so that users in the marketplace have more options for completing jobs or earning valuable incentives.

Team Overview

There are many factors that contribute to a company’s success, including not only its products, but the people behind those products and their ability to implement them.

What distinguishes the StormX team from others?

Key accomplishments in the development of the Storm Play app over the last few years have bolstered the team’s confidence.

  1. A well-coordinated group that has been working together for some time
  2. Bit maker and the Storm Market platform’s development and growth
  3. Storm Market is the next step in a product roadmap that has emerged as a consequence of user demand.


Key Team Members


A business genius, Simon’s primary skills are his ability to motivate the team, listen to the market, and bring in the appropriate individuals to the organization. As a multi-billion-dollar company opportunity grows, he is a visionary who sees the potential in every part of it.

An expert in security, RUI MAXIMO CTO

Rui has more than 25 years of expertise in software development and program management, and has developed over 20 commercial products. In addition, Rui holds degrees in both cryptography and mathematics.

He is an expert in computer security, software development, product design, project management, technical writing, public speaking, and training, among other fields.

Arry Yu COO

Arry is StormX’s COO, and she brings 20 years of business experience to the table. With a background in both business and technology, she is able to seamlessly operate throughout the whole company.


Many people helped us while we created this paper, and we want to thank them. Simon Yu, Rui Maximo, Arry Yu, Calvin Hsieh, Sean Zhong, Matthew Di Ferrante, Jon Nolz, Sue Yang, Derek Haroutoonian, Esther Song, and Felipe Augusto are some of our most important team members.

Its advisers, including Dr. Hanan Gazit, Damon Danieli, CK Wang, Guy Benhartzi, Dr. Hanan Gazit, Damon Danieli, CK Wang, and notably Bill Shihara for his continuing support as an adviser and friend to the firm from our founding, deserve special recognition.

We are grateful to all of them. In the beginning, Bill was one of the few who believed in both the firm and the company’s goal.

The following people should be acknowledged as well: Michael Dunworth, Kevin Croy, Meirav Heral, Michael Terpin, and @ActualAdviceBTC. This list is not meant to be exclusive.

Many thanks to Wachsman PR, The Dunamu Team (Korea), Perkins Coie, LLP, Deloitte Tax LLP, Campbell’s, Blockchain Capital Korea, and the CMH team.


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