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Starship Troopers: Extermination Announced

Offworld Industries, the developer behind the tactical first-person shooter Squad, has just revealed that they will be creating a new game based on the science fiction film from 1997. Earlier, they made the announcement for Starship Troopers: Extermination and afterwards aired the trailer for the announcement.

The upcoming first-person shooter Starship Troopers: Extermination is a player versus environment game designed for a maximum of 12 players. He immediately plunges a group of twelve players into the thick of the action, where they are faced with the challenge of fending against hordes of insects that are advancing on them. Every member of a team of 12 persons is responsible for completing the tasks that are assigned to them individually. The base must be guarded, resources must be gathered, jobs must be completed, and any visible bugs must be eliminated. These are only some of the possible responsibilities.

There is a class structure in the game, and players have the option of picking the role they would like to play. There are currently three different game classes, and they are called Assault, Support, and Defense. The Assault class places a greater emphasis on contributing to the overall firepower of the group. On the other hand, the purpose of the support class is to restore the health of one’s colleagues, while the purpose of the defence class is to defend and maintain the base against any bugs that attempt to assault it.

In addition, there is a class progression system in which players can gain new weapons, equipment, and perks for their characters. Players will be able to earn new abilities and become more powerful if they help the group and battle against the danger posed by bugs. Players are also granted the ability to tailor their classes to suit their individual play styles as they go through the class tree.

In addition, there is a resource system in the game, in which players are tasked with gathering resources from several refineries located across the world. After that, players will employ them to bolster the power of their defences. These materials can also be used to construct designs that can boost a player’s firepower and are available for usage in the game.

Because players will face a wide variety of foes throughout the course of the game, there is no option to save on adversaries. As players continue to finish missions, the difficulty of the bugs they encounter increases as well.

All of this takes place on a massive map that is divided into distinct zones that give the impression of a conflict on another planet. Players are given access to a ping system that improves their ability to communicate with one another while they are out in the field due to the game’s expansive map.

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