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Single Parents Season 3: Why ABC Canceled the Beloved Sitcom After Two Seasons

Single Parents Season 3: There aren’t many people who watch Single Parents. This isn’t really true, though. For some reason, this story is often thought to be a parenting guide. The show is mostly about single parents and has a funny take on being a parent.

The story is amazing whether told from the father’s or the mother’s point of view. I should also add that the second part came out in 2019. We haven’t heard anything new about Single Parents season 3 since then.

Fans have been missing the cast and the way the characters interacted on screen since the last show. Without further ado, let’s get into what season 3 of Single Parents is all about.

However, Single Parents got good reviews from reviewers. Fans were more interested in the main character, Will, who was so committed to raising his daughter, than in the ratings. The people who watched also liked the whole show. Here’s what you need to know about the show before we talk about when it will come out.

What Could Happen in Season 3 of Single Parents?

Will and his daughter were the main characters in both seasons of Single Parents. Since he is divorced, he is taking care of his daughter by himself. Will also cared so much about being a parent that he gave up all of his own wants and happiness.

Not long after, he met a group of single parents who helped him think in new ways. The other single parents make him think about other parts of his life so that he can handle everything. Everyone in the group saw that Will was thinking of nothing and only seeing himself as a dad.

Single Parents Season 3

Things that happen in Will’s life will change if the authors decide to keep going in the future. Aside from this, watchers may also find other traits of parenthood. Fans may also get a written summary of the same.

Who Would Come Back for Season 3 of Single Parents?

When the drama’s second season was brought back, the whole main group was back on screen. Fans also think that the characters will be back in season 3 of Single Parents. Taran Killam could show up as Will Cooper if everything goes as planned.

He is the main figure, so the story can’t go any further without him. Not only he, but also Brad Garrett, Jake Choi, and Leighton Meester could play Douglas Fogerty, Miggy Park, and Angie D’Amato again.

Also, the other important figures may be back as well. Still, it doesn’t look like the new people will be able to join in on Single Parents season 3.

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Is Season 3 of Single Parents Canceled?

There were 22 and 23 shows in each season of Single Parents, so they were both pretty long. The first season came out on September 26, 2018, and the second one started on September 25, 2019.

It didn’t take the writers long to add excitement to the second season. Fans didn’t get Single Parents season 3 this time, though—it’s been over three years. So, why is that?

The creators publicly canceled the next seasons in May 2020. However, the exact reason for the sudden cancellation was not given. So, there will not be a third season of Single Parents.



Single Parents Season 3 is set to air in May 2020, following the cancellation of the second season in 2019. The show, which is often considered a parenting guide, revolves around single parents and their unique perspectives on parenting.

The main character, Will Cooper, is expected to return, along with other characters like Brad Garrett, Jake Choi, and Leighton Meester. However, the show has been canceled due to the show’s long run and the lack of new cast members.

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