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Sia Goes To War With The Her New Film ‘Music’

Sia is an Australian songwriter and pop singer who is renowned for her extraordinary numbers like ‘Chandelier’. However, she is also known for safeguarding her privacy and hiding her real identity with big sized wigs. It can be surprising how a singer who has been the nominee for Grammy awards nine times was criticized for her new film ‘Music’.

The controversy began when the film’s trailer was released depicting a very young woman suffering from autism and the role was played by actress/dancer ‘Maddie Ziegler’. Such a role was considered ‘inaccurate’ and ‘offensive’ by the Twitter fans encouraging different organizations to volunteer for not watching the film or its video.

Maddie Ziegler is portrayed as an autistic teenager in the 1st footage of the film’s trailer who is taken care by ‘Zu’ her half-sister who is a drug dealer and the role is played by Kate Hudson.

The Autism Society is known for appreciating such storytellers who advocate for and represent the entire autism community in an engaging and thoughtful manner.

Sia finally tweeted that the negativity which people are showing towards the movie confuses her. Initially, her attitude towards the trailer announcement was different. However, the pushback seems to annoy her pushing her to tweet: ‘why do you have to judge my movie even before watching it?

Sia New Film ‘Music’ Trailer

The outcry was amplified by different social media platforms naming it as a Twitter Moment Friday. The controversy spread across the U.S. affecting a large number of fans, organizations, activists and actors.

The film ultimately angered the community it was making efforts to stand for. The National Autistic Society of the UK stated that “This one turned out to be wrong for Sia”. The reaction of The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) was similar.

Few people did not like Sia’s idea of casting Ziegler for the role of an autistic child.

A movie trailer should be capable of sparking the interest of the common people into the film. It is quite obvious that you worked really hard and are highly talented but this time you missed it Sia!

Sia New Film ‘Music’ Release Date

The news you’ve been waiting for!  Music, the movie is written & directed by Sia + starring Kate Hudson will be arriving in Feb 2021! Watch a sneak peek of the movie right here.

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