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Shakuntala Devi Movie Review – ‘Human Computer’ Extraordinary Personal Life

Biopic films have been seen for quite some time. Now actress Vidya Balan has come to know about the life of great mathematician and ‘human computer’ Shakuntala Devi.

The film has been released on Amazon Prime Video due to the theater being closed due to the Coronavirus. Vidya’s impeccable style is seen again in the film. It is a female-centric film.

Daughter wants a criminal case against Her

The story of the film begins with Anu Banerjee (Sanya Malhotra) who is the daughter of Shakuntala Devi and wants to pursue a criminal case against her own mother. But what happened that this situation happened among them?

The story then arrives in 1936. Where a girl from a Kannada family in Bengaluru is surprising everyone with her sharp mind. She solves complex math questions in-jokes.

Starts hating her own Family

Shakuntala has never been able to attend school due to the family’s poor financial condition, but with her unique talent, she also solves complex math questions easily.

Now his father, using his talent, start doing math shows in many schools in the country. For which they used to get money. Then there is an incident in Shakuntala’s life due to which she starts hating her family.

Shakuntala Devi Movie Trailer

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Naam and Paisa take Shakuntala to London and she is separated from her family. She starts to show around the world. Shakuntala was renamed as ‘Human Computer’. He was also awarded the Guinness Book of World Records.

Climbing the ladder of success, Shakuntala falls in love and is also heartbroken. Eventually, she gets married and becomes a mother. This is the turning point of his life.

You will get answers to many Questions

After this, it becomes quite interesting to see what happens in this game of sports and skill that Shakuntala Devi is left alone.

What was the reason that his own daughter hates him How did Shakuntala realize that her mother was well in her place? Why is the always happy Shakuntala alone now? You will get answers to many such questions after watching the film.

Shakuntala Devi Movie Review Cast

Vidya has once again won hearts with her performance in the film. Looking at them, it does not seem that they have to work very hard for any scene.

At the same time, Sanya Malhotra in the character of Anu will also be able to win the hearts of the audience. While Amit Sadh and Jishu Sengupta did not get much screen space. But the director who gave him the role has done justice to him.

Special attention is given to every look

‘Four more shots please!’ The director of the web series, Anu Menon, has also put the life of Shakuntala Devi on the screen. 2 hours and 10 minutes when the story begins and ends, it is not known.

Anu has paid close attention to everything from the character and manner of speech in the film. However, she could get an actress to perform like Vidya Balan.

Great Cinematography

The film has music from Sachin-Jigar, which can be called average. There is no song that you would like to hear again and again. But no song will feel like it has been forced.

Cinematography is also quite spectacular. The film featured 1950s London and 1999 Bangalore. This time has been made exactly like the old times. Every frame has tremendous colors, old buildings are captured properly.

Shakuntala Devi Movie Review

One of the special features of the film is that it does not just rely on mathematics, but also shows Shakuntala Devi as a mother, wife and daughter.

It will be a wonderful experience to see this woman who laughs openly in every situation and the tangled personal life of ‘human computer’. Overall, it is an entertaining film.

We are giving this film a rating of three out of five.
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