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“Series Creator Tony Gilroy Has Revealed the Directors of Andor’s Season 2”

The first season of the critically praised programme Andor is presently airing on Disney+. However, the showrunner, Tony Gilroy, is already hard at work on Season 2, which will enhance the tension as it comes up to the horrible events that occurred in Rogue One.

In an interview with Steve Weintraub of Collider, Gilroy said that a brand new bunch of directors will be directing episodes of the upcoming season, and he didn’t hold back on naming any of them. It gives us great pleasure to reveal that Ariel Kleiman, Janus Metz, and Alonso Ruizpalacios will each helm an arc of episodes for the second season.

Andor’s first season broke with Star Wars convention by employing only three filmmakers and handing each of them a block of episodes to direct. These blocks of episodes were designed to fit within the narrative arcs that were being explored. Gilroy has stated that this format will be utilised once more in Season 2, with Kleiman replicating the strategy that Toby Haynes utilised and directing a total of six episodes that are divided into two distinct groups.

Since 2017, Kleiman has established himself as a highly regarded TV director in the industry. The Yellowjackets and The Resort are two of the most recent shows that he has performed in. Metz is a Danish director who has worked on a few different television shows, but the spy thriller All the Old Knives, which was released this year and starring Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton from Star Wars, is probably his most well-known piece of work.

Ruizpalacios’ name may be familiar to viewers of Narcos: Mexico because to the participation of Andor actor Diego Luna. In 2018, the Mexican filmmaker contributed to two episodes of the show streaming on Netflix before returning to his TV roots to work on episodes of the show Outer Range.

Even while we know that Luna, Duncan Pow, Forest Whitaker, and Genevieve O’Reilly will make the perilous trek to Rogue One, there is still a lot that we don’t know about what will happen to the rest of the cast of Andor’s first season. Stellan Skarsgrd, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, Kyle Soller, Elizabeth Dulau, Faye Marsay, and Varada Sethu were some of the talented actors who appeared in the first season as part of the impressive cast.

Who Directed the First Season of Andor?

Haynes, Susanna White, Benjamin Caron, and the both of them took the helm as showrunners for the first season of Andor. Gilroy, along with his brother Dan Gilroy, Stephen Schiff, and Beau Willimon, all of whom collaborated with the show’s directors, penned the show’s script.

The television series was able to concentrate on more manageable and interconnected subplots of the much larger overall story because certain directors were paired with certain writers.

You may start watching the first nine episodes of the television drama Andor right now on Disney+. Keep an eye out for the entire interview that we have later this week with Gilroy. While you wait, take a look at our conversation with Diego Luna, who plays the lead role on the show:

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