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Secrets That Multi-millionaire Use to Invest in Stocks

Is there a strategy to make money from stock markets? Let's find out

A lot of people are investing in stocks but many of them are not making money. Instead, many investors lose their investment without a trace. Ever wondered why such a scenario is happening in stock markets?

If you go for a fixed deposit in banks, you will get fixed money as interest. The rates may go up and down depending on the country and bank. Either way, you don’t have to worry about losing your principal amount at least. But what’s the case with stock markets?

Some of them make good money from stocks, while many people who don’t have much idea about the functions of the stock market are losing their entire money. Why is it happening?

The simple answer is that a stock market functions like that only. If you make a smart investment at the right time in the right stocks, you are bound to make good returns from the stock exchanges. However, if you don’t do enough research and invest recklessly, you will face setbacks.

So the first lesson in stock markets is that you have to study the stock you want to purchase in a detailed way before putting your hard-earned money into it. Another way is to follow the strategies of those people who have made good money from their investments in stocks.

Again, you need to do research on the ways of successful people and the stocks they have invested. It is also important to know the duration of the investment, the selling approach, the pattern of their buying, etc.

Some right strategies

When we studied the approach of many multi-millionaires regarding their approach in stock market investment, we found that they have chosen the right company for long-term investment. It is important to keep your money for a longer period to make returns from the market.

If you choose the wrong company, there’s no point in keeping that investment for a longer period because it won’t give you a good result. You have to select the right company at the right time and keep invested for a long period. You might make some money with your short-term investment strategy like day trading.

But it is not a feasible strategy for the long term and you can lose your investment one day. The safer approach is to find the right company and buy its stocks and hold them for a longer period. You might not get incredible earnings overnight with such investments but you can also grow significantly with the success of the company.

Some multi-millionaires are adopting another safe strategy like investing in ETFs like S&P 500 ETFs. These ETFs include hundreds of strong stocks bundled together into a single investment.

Consistent investment key

You have to decide when to buy the stock. One good strategy adopted by multi-millionaires is that they tend to buy a significant number of stocks when the market crashes. They tend to identify good stocks for investment earlier itself and would wait for the right moment for putting in their money.

So, when there is a major crash, they invest in good stocks so that they can get such stocks at a cheaper valuation. Stock markets will bounce back from crashes and once the market rebounds, the investors can expect a bonanza because they have bought the stock when its price was cheaper.


Another investment strategy by millionaires is to put their money in mutual funds. Some millionaires keep their cash in Treasury bills and sell it when they require cash. Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, has a portfolio of money market accounts and Treasury bills.

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Though it is good to study the strategy adopted by millionaires to make money, it is not advisable to blindly invest in stocks, hoping that you will become a multi-millionaire soon.

A safe and sound approach, with a cautious outlook, is necessary to understand the behaviour of the market, the current trend, future prospects of the stock you wish to buy, its earnings record, the reputation of the company promoters.

All these are factors that can determine the performance of a stock and it’s up to you to finalize a strategy for investment in stock markets because at the end of the day it’s your money.

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