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Saucemoto Net Worth in 2022

When you’re driving home to eat your takeout and realize you’ve forgotten your sauce packet, it’s a pain. In any case, thanks to Saucemoto’s newest product, this issue has been resolved. There is a new device out from Saucemoto that helps you keep your sauce where you want it. The Dip Clip is what they call it.

A clip on one side makes it easy to attach to your car’s air conditioning vent. It’s a rectangular hollow ring. Your sauce packet fits perfectly inside of this rectangular ring. The days of bland, sauce-free cuisine in the automobile are over, as is the need to avoid a mess.

Saucemoto Net Worth

The design and development of the Saucemoto Dip Clip were carried out by the Milkmen Design LLC team. Michael Koury, Tony Lahood, and William Moujaes formed this business in 2017. This company’s major objective was to create and manufacture a product that would have a significant impact on the globe. To date, the Saucemoto Dip Clip has amassed over 50 million views on various social media platforms and other media outlets since its release.

There were three partners at the Saucemoto company’s founding. William Moujaes, Michael Koury and Tony Lahood The year was 2017, and this company was first established. A Shark Tank episode featuring the company aired in the tenth season. It is a reality show in which businesses pitch their ideas to a panel of five sharks or investors.

Sharks are willing to put their money where their mouth is if their product is good enough. If the product is good enough, you’ll have to spend more money. Kevin O Larry gave Saucemoto a quarter of a million dollars from the Sharks’ group of investors. To get a 15 per cent return, they had set a goal of 45,000 dollars.

But even if they failed to do so, they still received an excellent deal. They appeared in the show’s 10th season, episode 22. Having their product featured on the Shark Tank show improved their popularity and goodwill. It was also advertised in a YouTube video by the popular YouTubers Stokes Twins.

The Extra Sause Cup and the Easy Gift Pack are two of the company’s best-known products. Both retail and wholesale purchases are available. Users can also contact the company on their official website with any questions they may have.

Fast-food sauces of all shapes and sizes can use their product. It’s also compatible with a wide range of automotive air conditioning vents. Also rigorously tested on a wide range of terrains, the device ensures that the cause does not spill even on the bumpiest rides. As far as the consumer is concerned, this model is capable of answering just about any question. New concepts for expanding the company’s reach are also being developed by this team.

In 2021, Saucemoto’s Net Worth

Even though the company is only a few years old, it has already built a strong reputation in the industry. As a result of their day-to-day observations and swift service, they have established a new position in the market. In a short period, they have achieved enormous success.

Saucemoto Net Worth

There is a consensus that the company’s total lifetime revenue will be roughly $80,000,000. More than 12,000 units have been sold for $77,000 by the corporation over its history. Their product has a total cost of production of less than $0.8, however, they charge $10.99 for a double pack despite this. They may charge a lot more for their product because of this huge profit margin. Because the company is young and still developing, its overall net worth is anticipated to rise.

Saucemoto’s Shark Tank Pitch

The company was able to grow thanks to a successful Crowdfunding campaign that raised over $63,000.
When they appeared on Shark Tank, they made a pitch for their company’s product, offering $45,000 in exchange for 15 per cent stock in the company.

They pleased the Shark Tank investors by selling 12,000 units and earned $77,000 in revenue since the firm was founded.


Kevin O’Leary pays Saucemoto $45,000 for 50 per cent of the company’s shares, while Robert offers $45,000 for 40 per cent of the company’s ownership. Kevin O’ Leary countered Robert’s offer by making a fresh offer of $45,000 for a quarter of the company’s equity. Once and for all, the Saucemoto business struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary.

After Shark Tank, What Happened to Saucemoto?

Saucemoto is still in business after the agreement with Shark Tank investor Saucemoto was completed.
Although the company’s website is no longer active, customers may still purchase the vehicle dip holders that attach to the vents of their car’s air conditioning system.

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Also available on Amazon is the same product. Three of the company’s founders are still involved.

Saucemoto Net Worth

In the market, there are similar devices, the most popular of which is the Saucemoto Dip Clip, which is available at Walmart. As a result of Walmart’s geographical reach, a bigger market can access Saucemoto via online and in-store purchases.


The Saucemoto is worth a total of $300,000.

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