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Sassa Food Parcel 2021 Application Form in 2022

sassa food parcel 2021 application form

After being put on hold because of the turmoil, SASSA has now stated that payments will resume. In addition, they will use their leftover funds from the Social Relief of Distress programme to distribute food parcels, cash, and food vouchers to those in need.

How Can I Obtain an Sassa Food Parcel?

You can get a food parcel from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) by visiting your local office. While the application form isn’t available on the SASSA website, you can pick one up at the SASSA office closest to you.

The Following Documents Should Accompany Your Application

In What Way Can I Get a Copy of the [2021] Sassa Food Parcel Application Form?

The South African Social Security Agency, or SASSA, is the organisation responsible for giving food hampers in the past. You may now spend your SASSA meal vouchers at certain restaurants by purchasing food coupons.

During times of crisis, it serves as a form of communal comfort. It is intended for South African citizens and residents. These applications must be submitted by the 30th of July 2021 if they are to be considered. As long as the household is truly in need, the funds might be extended for an additional six months.

Application Form for Sassa Food Parcel 2021: Where Can I Get It?

The application form for SASSA food coupons can be obtained by clicking on the link provided in this article. Your name, gender, kind of identification, nationality and other information must be included in your SASSA food voucher application for 2021 if you want to be eligible.

You must first input your contact information before being prompted to sign their statement. Before you sign the declaration, you can read it.

How Can I Get a Sassa Food Voucher?

The social hardship package can be applied for at a South African Social Security Agency. The application form for the 2021 SASSA grocery voucher is available at your local SASSA station, and applying for SASSA online is not that easy.

Support for C19 Food

Gift Certificates for Food

Both of this teen’s parents work on farms, and he lives with them as a teenager. Because he was born with HIV, he’s also being treated for epilepsy as well. Unfortunately, he wasn’t sticking to his ART and the clinic staff couldn’t find him. In February 2020, he was finally found. As a result, his growth has been slowed down significantly. He appears to be in the age range of 8 to 9 years. CHoiCe Trust, one of our partners, helps him make regular clinic appointments to ensure he receives and follows through on his therapy.

A nutritious daily meal has been provided through the wonderful contribution of e’Pap by The Boikanyo Foundation and the use of the e’Pap Technology to help him stick to his treatment.

Inquiries on the Availability of Assistance With Food Preparation

Our Stay Safe! SmartVoucher USSD platform allows you to apply for food aid simply dialling *134*532*120# from any mobile device and filling out the application on your mobile phone.

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There is currently a limit on the number of green-listed beneficiaries who can apply (those identified as most in need and recommended by partners). In the event that we receive a flood of applications, we will be unable to open the system to everyone due to the significant financial implications for GHI.

How a Client Submits an Application

 The customer fills out the application form
Dial *134*532*120# from any mobile device to begin the application process. The customer receives an SMS with a reference to their application number.

Application Is Received by the Administrator

Approval or denial of a SmartVoucher application is based on a set of predetermined criteria. Approved vendors are connected to the application based on several criteria, such as the ward number or the location or province. Upon approval, a SmartVoucher SMS is delivered to the client.

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The SmartVoucher value and redemption instructions are included in the SMS message.

Customer Pays a Visit to the Supplier

Receive your shipment at Mama’s Corner Spaza by presenting this SmartVoucher value Rx with this order. The customer presents the vendor with the SmartVoucher number.

Redeeming the SmartVoucher by the Vendor
Before the parcel can be delivered, the vendor must redeem the SmartVoucher that came with the package.

Vendors who have been pre-approved can access their Vendor USSD menu by dialling *134*532*2000#. The SmartVoucher can be redeemed here:

Immediately after the Vendor attempts to redeem a SmartVoucher, customers receive an OTP via SMS to verify the SmartVoucher redemption.

The Vendor must be presented with this OTP in order to complete the transaction. This stage guarantees that the recipient is in fact at the vendor’s place of business.

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OTP authentication for SmartVoucher clients

Do You Want to Collect or Do You Want to Deliver?

Please note that if a local spaza shop or community-based organisation is registered as a vendor in your ward, we will either enable you to pick up your parcel there or deliver it to your home address.


Feedback from all of our recipients is very appreciated, as it allows us to make improvements to both our service and the contents of our packages. Please provide us with comments after getting the shipment and throughout the month so that we can make sure that it meets your family’s needs.

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