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Samantar Series Season 2 Release Date, Story, Twist, Trailer, Cast

Directed by Satish Rajwade, Samantar is a web series, which depicts Kumar Mahajan who is an atheist, and the change he goes through during the various episodes. In his journey to find out about a man who accompanies him with the same destiny called Sudarshan Chakrapani. The underlying question is whether he can control his future and present situations or not. The gripping plot made its debut in March 2020 and is all geared up for an upcoming Season 2.

Worth a Critique award winner

The Samantar has given an opportunity for onlookers to enjoy the genre of Marathi Music and entertainment without the slightest scope of disappointment. The show has been highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. The show draws inspiration from Suhas Shirvalkar’s book and the powerful act by Swwapnil further intensifies the overall feel and delivery.

Viewers are super excited to watch the second season of the thriller series, which is likely to be full of twists and turns. It is dubbed in Marathi, Hindi. Telugu, and Tamil. We request the audiences to hold on to their seats to watch the eventful journey of Kumar all over again. One can expect nothing less than uncanny coincidences, interlocked destinies, and larger than life incidents.

Lockdown – A boom for OTT series

The lockdown has attracted larger groups of masses to watch this Marathi blockbuster. It has engaged audiences in a captivating manner. Season 2 will be hosted by the OTT platform of the MX player. In addition to Swwapnil and Satish the cast includes star-studded performers like Pandit, Jayant Savarkar, Ganesh Revadekar, and Nitish Bhardwaj to name a few.

Samantar Season 2 Cast

  • Nitish Bharadwaj as Sudarshan Chakrapani
  • Krishna Bharadwaj as Sudarshan Chakrapani
  • Swwapnil Joshi as Kumar Mahajan
  • Tejaswini Pandit as Nima Mahajan
  • Ganesh Revdekar as Sharad
  • Jayant Sawarkar as Swami

Samantar Season 2 Twist

The concluding episode of season 1 is titled Twist and reveals the climax to a great extent. Sudarshan’s diaries are highly useful for Kumar. He acquires his old job again despite being fired and facing humiliation and removal. Kumar feels that he has complete control over his life’s occurrences but the closing page of the book surprises him. It warns him about the arrival of a woman who is going to disrupt his married life.

Samantar Season 2 Trailer

Samantar Season 2 Release Date

The update of Samantar season 2 is expected to be around May 2021. The first season got released on 13 March 2020, and fans are already curious about season 2. MX Player Official announcements have not been given out because it is too early to expect a second season.

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