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Sacred Lies Season 3: Release Date, Cast Members and More Information!


Sacred Lies Season 3 Release Date: An all-new season of the American web series Sacred Lies will begin streaming on the internet very soon. People’s interest in the show was piqued after its first two seasons, which led to its immediate success.

It may be found on Facebook Watch, and Stephanie Oakes is the one responsible for its production. The first season was adapted from a novel, and it’s possible that the new season will follow a similar format.

If you enjoy a good dose of horror, then you should absolutely check out this show because it exudes an air of foreboding and secrecy. We have compiled a list of all the significant information pertaining to the upcoming season, so let’s have a look at all of the information below.

What is the Release Date of Sacred Lies Season 3?

The new video for season three of Sacred Lies will come out in about a month, and even though there isn’t an official release date yet, we expect the show to come out by the end of this year. Fans have been waiting for a new season, and it will be fun for everyone when it comes out.

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What is Sacred Lies Season 3 All About?

In Sacred Lies, the main character is a teenage girl called Minnow Bly. She is a good girl who has been in a cult for 12 years in a row.

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You will see her wearing a shirt with blood on it, and for some reason, she will start hitting a boy with mental problems.

Sacred Lies Season 3 release date

Some people called the police, and when they tried to arrest her, they saw that she had no hands, which was pretty scary. She meets a doctor and an FBI agent who have been investigating crimes connected to the cult.

Minnow was in the group, so she knew everything that was going on around them. She starts to tell them why everything that happened to her happened.

The presentation will reveal recollections and fresh story-enhancing scenes. Kevin, the cult leader, is terrifying. Interestingly, he claims to talk to God, and his followers blindly obey him. The worst part is that the group’s women are only kept because they have children.

Sacred Lies Season 3 Cast Members

Based on books or old stories, each season of the drama series Sacred Lies focuses on a different set of people and their stories.

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The season 3 cast hasn’t been officially released yet, but based on the first two seasons and the book, here are some possible candidates.

Season 3 may be based on Stephanie Oakes’s The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly, which inspired Season 1. Minnow Bly, a kid who escapes a cult and kills its leader, is the protagonist of the book.

Dr. Wilson, an FBI analyst, investigates her issues. If season 3 follows the same plot as season 2, Elena Kampouris will play Minnow Bly, and Kevin Carroll will play Dr. Wilson. Kiana Madeira, Minnow’s first-season companion Angel, may appear.

Sacred Lies Season 3 Trailer

Sacred Lies is a web series that delves into the sinister and mysterious histories of cults, crimes, and other unsolved mysteries.

Sacred Lies Season 3 release date

The first two seasons were adapted from novels and folktales and included characters such as a handless girl who escaped from a cult and a young woman who sought her family with the help of a convict.

Both of these characters were portrayed as having supernatural abilities. The show has been given the green light to continue for a third season by Peacock, a new streaming service, and it is anticipated that it will premiere in 2021.

Sacred Lies IMDB Rating

There are two seasons of the TV show Sacred Lies. Each season has a different story and cast. Based on Stephanie Oakes’s book The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly, the first season is about a young girl who runs away from a cult and is accused of killing someone.

The Grimm Brothers’ story “The Singing Bone” was the inspiration for the second season, which is about a young woman who joins a group of treasure hunters in a forest where a body without a head is found.

The show has gotten mostly good reviews from reviewers and viewers. It has a 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb.


The web series Sacred Lies takes different books and folktales and turns them into a modern and exciting story. The first two seasons were available to watch on Facebook Watch, and both reviewers and viewers liked them. Peacock, a new streaming service, has picked up the show, and a third season is set to start in 2021.

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