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Ronaldo Son Bullied: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Training Two Years Older!

The video of Cristiano Ronaldo’s son being picked on has gone viral on the app TikTok. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has already made an impression in Saudi Arabia, where he is said to be training with players who are two years older than him.

Ronaldo senior signed a two-and-a-half-year deal with Al-Nassr on New Year’s Eve, but he could not make his debut in the Middle East because he was banned during his last few months at Manchester United.

After weeks of waiting, All-new Nassr’s star player made his Saudi Pro League debut on Sunday with a 1-0 win over Ettifaq. The Portuguese forward’s oldest son has been hard at work since joining his Father in Saudi Arabia.

Ronaldo Son Bullied: Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Video Viral On TikTok

Ronaldo Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, is always picked on at school because of his famous father.

Peers are reportedly mean to Cristiano Ronaldo’s son because his father, a famous footballer who won the Ballon d’Or, is a living legend.

In an interview with Egyptian television, senior Ronaldo said this in a casual way. CR7 brought it up to show how much his son likes him, and also to show how to deal with The Haters.

On the one hand, it wouldn’t be out of character for Ronaldo to make up a story like this to get more attention from the media. But kids can be mean, and it’s easy to imagine Ronaldo’s classmates calling him “Messi” during a break.

Meet Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

The oldest of Ronaldo’s children, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., is a good football player.

2010 saw the birth of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. in San Diego. In the family, he is known as “Cristianinho,” which means “Little Cristiano.”

After joining the Manchester United academy, he is already living up to his reputation. Cristiano Jr. is often seen doing his Dad’s famous “siiiu” celebration when he scores for the Red Devils U12s.

Ronaldo is a proud father, so he often posts pictures and videos of his son’s great soccer skills.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Training Two Years Older

Since he went to Saudi Arabia with his father, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has worked very hard. He is already training in the Middle East with kids who are two years older than him.

Cristiano Jnr was in the Manchester United academy when his father was there, but The Sun says that the 12-year-old now trains in Saudi Arabia.

The report says that Cristiano Jr. is training at the Mahd Academy, which is the national sports center for Saudi Arabia. The young man who was said to be training with kids two years older than him could have gone back to Real Madrid and joined their academy.


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Cristiano Jnr. has gotten a lot of attention in Saudi Arabia, but on Sunday night, his Father took the spotlight by making his official Al-Nassr bow. The Sun says that Cristiano Jr. is training with the Saudi Arabian Mahd Academy, which is a national sports center. He is so good that he plays with kids who are two years older than him.

Ronaldo played his first game for Al-Nassr on Sunday in a 1-0 win over Ettifaq. This was in honor of his father. Even though he didn’t score, Ronaldo made the crowd happy and helped his team win.

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