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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth: What Records Does Rob Hold?

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Robert Stanley Dyrdek is an American entrepreneur, actor, producer, reality TV star, and former professional skateboarder. He is best known for his roles on the reality shows Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness. He also made the animated show Wild Grinders, in which the main character, Lil Rob, is voiced by him. FoxWeekly said in 2014 that Dyrdek was one of the “most important skateboarders of all time.”

Dyrdek is a very successful actor, entrepreneur, TV personality, producer, and former skateboarder. Rob Dyrdek’s career began in 1991 when he was skateboarding. At 16, he turned pro and went on to become the most important skateboarder in America.

Rob Dyrdek Quick Info

Name Robert Stanley Dyrdek
Date of Birth 28th June 1974
Birth Place Kettering, Ohio, USA
Nick Name Diesel
Age 48 years old
Gender Male
Religion Christianity
Nationality American

Early Life

Dyrdek was born on June 28, 1974, in Kettering, Ohio. Pro skateboarder Neil Blender gave him his first board when he was 11. This made him want to be a pro skateboarder even more, so that’s all he thought about. During school, he thought about all the tricks he would try out later. After school, he would skate and practice until his parents called him in for the night.

By the time he was 12, he had a sponsor and was skating professionally. At age 16, he left home to become a professional skateboarder in Southern California.

How Much Money Does Rob Dyrdek Have?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rob Dyrdek is a reality star on MTV, a former pro skateboarder, an actor, a producer, and an entrepreneur with a $100 million net worth. He is best known for his roles on the reality shows “Rob & Big,” “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” and “Ridiculousness.”

Rob Dyrdek is a very successful personality who is known all over the world for his great work on TV and his dazzling skateboarding career. Dyrdek became a professional skateboarder in 1991, and he went on to have a lot of success in that field. Rob Dyrdek became the most famous and successful skateboarder in the United States in 2014.

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Career and Awards

Rob Dyrdek’s first job was as a professional skateboarder in the year 1991. Dyrdek and Blender used to get money from the same company when they were young. But they later decided to make their own, which they called Alien Workshop. Later, Dyrdek bought the company and started his own business. Several other companies, like DC Shoes, Monster Energy, etc., have paid him to do what he does.

People also know that Dyrdek started Street League Skateboarding. At the moment, it is the most popular and successful Skateboarding tournament. It takes place in 198 countries and has a huge prize pool. Besides that, Dyrdek is also known for his acting. From 2006 to 2008, he was in the MTV show Rob & Big, which was his first time on TV.

Later, he was on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, Jackass Forever, and other shows. Dyrdek has a lot of different businesses, and he also owns a number of horses. People know that his horses run in races. Dyrdek holds 21 skateboarding Guinness World Records.

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Skateboards Records

With the show “Rob & Big” and his skateboarding, Dyrdek has set a total of 21 Guinness World Records. As a member of “Fantasy Factory,” Dyrdek set the record for the longest skateboard. In 2010, another skateboarder beat his record. Dyrdek’s best performances are:

Personal Life

Dyrdek has one sister. His cousins Christopher “Drama” Pfaff and Scott “Big Cat” Pfaff are on Rob and Big and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. He also has a Pomeranian named Gretchen Weiner and two bulldogs named Meaty and Beefy. Dyrdek got ordained as a minister through the Universal Life Church so that he could marry his sister in December 2011.

The ceremony took place at the Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles. It was shown on an episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. He asked his girlfriend, Filipino-American model Bryiana Noelle Flores, to marry him at Disneyland. She said yes. They got married, and now they have two kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Rob Dyrdek Have in the Bank?

The total amount of money Rob Dyrdek has is about $100 million.

What is Rob Dyrdek’s Age?

Rob Dyrdek is 47 years old right now (28 June 1974).

How Much Does Rob Dyrdek Make?

Rob Dyrdek is thought to make more than $6 million per year in salary.

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