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Risk of infection from COVID-19 variants if the interval between doses of corona vaccine is increased – American expert

Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top epidemiologist and medical adviser to President Joe Biden, said today that increasing the interval between two doses of the coronavirus vaccine puts the risk of infection with new variants of the virus.

He said this while talking to NDTV. He also said that the countries that have the delta variant of the coronavirus have to worry because it is more contagious.

What did Dr. Fauchi say?

In his interview, Dr. Fauci said, “The ideal interval for mRNA vaccines is three weeks for the Pfizer vaccine and four weeks for the modern one. The problem with extending the time is that the interval between doses puts the risk of infection with the variants. The UK (United Kingdom), where the interval has been extended, has seen that you can be infected with variants in this interval. So we recommend sticking to the schedule.”

Only countries with low doses should increase the gap – Dr. Fauchi

Dr. Fauchi said that in countries that have very low vaccine doses and are facing dose shortages, it is only okay to increase the interval between doses.

Rapid Vaccinations Needed to Stay Ahead of Virus

Dr. Fauci stressed in the interview that people need to be vaccinated as soon as possible to stay ahead of the virus.
He said that the delta variant found in India spreads more rapidly and hence it is a matter of concern for any country in which this variant is present. He said that countries will have to do extensive preparation and vaccination to deal with this variant.

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