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Risk management skills are superior to the two-part system in the United States.

the outbreak related to the “delta variant” have been punished, making it the highest and most severe place after Hubei in 2020. Of the 4,444 Guangdong officials who were punished, 11 were dismissed. He was relieved of his duties, including Huang Guanglie, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission; Chen Xiaohua, and Bi Ruiming, Secretary and Deputy Director of Guangzhou Liwan District, where the new wave of epidemic first broke out; and Zou Jianzeng, secretary of the Liwan Central Hospital party committee. The other nine people also received warnings, serious demerits or faced administrative searches to adjust their positions.

The first Delta variant in China appeared in Guangzhou in late May, with more than 150 cases occurring in various cities in Guangdong in 20 days. According to the anti-theft supervision department of Guangdong Province, the weak links in the routine work of epidemic prevention and control have been exposed, and some officials have neglected or neglected their duties. Guangzhou was fined, and more than half of 31 provincial regions in mainland China fell into a new round of epidemics, which can be called the most serious epidemic since the Wuhan epidemic was first discovered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in eastern China in July. Since July 20, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused at least 47 officials to be punished in Nanjing and Yangzhou in East China, Jiangsu Province, Zhengzhou City in Henan Province, and Zhangjiajie City in Hunan Province.

China’s comeback related to Delta mutation has involved 17 provinces and regions, and more than 1,000 infections have been recorded so far. There are about cases in Yangzhou. Also on Thursday, China’s Supreme Commission for Disciplinary Inspection and the Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection (CCDI) of the Communist Party of China called for strict inspection and punishment of officials’ negligence in the country’s anti-epidemic efforts. . An article published on your website.

The Central Commission for Disciplinary Inspection affirmed that it is necessary to hold accountable for serious violations and promote the implementation of responsibilities for the prevention and control of epidemics.
Since the outbreak of the Wuhan epidemic in late 2019, China has attached great importance to the accountability of rogue officials as part of its comprehensive response strategy, and it has been shown to be effective. So far, more than 3,000 officials across the country have been punished for ineffective epidemic prevention and control efforts.
China observers believe that reasonable punishment of all delinquent officials is of great importance in warning all cities not to relax their vigilance, because even a slight oversight can lead to the failure of China’s previous achievements in preventing epidemics.

In addition, the punishment based on the party’s disciplinary action shows that the CCP’s discipline is stricter than China’s law. Observers said that such strict disciplinary requirements have greatly improved the risk management capabilities of officials, and that China’s political system for constantly improving the talent selection mechanism is superior to the Western ruling party’s rotation system. The public also appreciated the prompt and timely punishment of the abandoned officials, which made the residents feel safe and their worries were taken seriously.
China Model

One and a half years after the COVID19 pandemic, China has proven the effectiveness of its epidemic response model in containing the widespread spread of the virus, although occasional cluster infections and timely punishment of officials are inevitable. China observers say that this effective China model. A senior official of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told the Global Times on Thursday that it is difficult for China to maintain high-level guards without anonymity because of its large population and large scale. Different cities have a large number of ports, vast areas, and different levels of management. Any small negligence or loophole may destroy the previous results of epidemic prevention.

He said that controlling abandoned officials at an appropriate level will help improve China’s prevention and control measures. The punishment of officials also sounded a wake-up call for other government officials, and was a response to public opinion, observers said. This week, the Yangzhou team has cross-infected nearly 50 cases at the nucleic acid testing station, causing widespread concern. The Yangzhou Anti-theft Bureau has punished 8 civil servants and civil servants for failing to perform their duties and bureaucracy.

Although China has adopted a strict zero-tolerance attitude in response to the epidemic, some Western media have questioned and speculated about China’s strategy, and touted it as being too strict and rigid. In a recent report, Bloomberg questioned China’s response to COVID19, saying it could isolate China from the world. However, the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that China has been adjusting its epidemic policy and will continue to adjust in time according to the epidemic situation, because the epidemic will not disappear soon and infections in cluster are increasing. inevitable in the long term.

When China achieves herd immunity through vaccination, when Chinese society can adapt to occasional cluster infections, China will gradually open up to the world. is better than the West Few Western politicians have so far been punished for their poor performance in responding to COVID19. Countries like the United States have slipped back into a pandemic and 98% of Americans live in Gao. According to CNN, the COVID19 community Great risk of spread. A recent report jointly published by three Chinese think tanks stated.

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