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Rising With The Wind Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers ,And Cast


Zhao Yilong is the director of the 2023 Chinese drama series Rising with the Wind, which stars Gong Jun and Zhong Chuxi in the key parts. The journeys of Jiang Hu, the sole daughter of the chairman of a national clothing company, and Xu Si, an investment professional returning to China from Hong Kong, are chronicled in the series.

As their paths cross, they find themselves involved in a bitter struggle to bring back the once-iconic “Tengyue” rubber-soled shoe brand.

The concept of the series is about the rising industry of E-Commerce and explores themes of ambition, Strength, and the power of love. The series was praised for its storyline, performance, and production, most people who are interested in business and fashion watched this series and waiting for another season to come. 

Here are the details for season 2:

Rising With The Wind Season 2 Release Date

Currently, there is no official statement has been aired from the production about the release date of Rising in the Wind, however, we made some predictions about when it may come based on the timetable for Season 1. In the summer of 2023, the first season aired on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9:00.

We believe that Rising With the Wind Season 2 will be released at a similar pace either late in the current year or early in 2024. The genuine launch has not been confirmed, and this prediction is based only on the trend from Season 1.

Therefore, this is just an assumption based on the previous season pattern, there is no official news has come yet, so we will update you as soon as we get something new about the release date.

Spoilers For The Rising With The Wind Season 2

There are no office spoilers yet but we have some predictions for season 2, here are some assumptions that could happen in season 2 of Rising with the Wind: 

  • The first season’s events are probably where the plot will pick up, with the main characters encountering fresh difficulties and experiences.
  • A fresh nemesis or villain might emerge and pose a danger to global peace and harmony.
  • The main characters’ relationship and drama will probably intensify.
  • There will be even more amazing animation than there was in the first season.

These all are just some predicted spoilers, so don’t consider them as final spoilers, however, when official ones come out we will tell you about it.

Will There Be New Casting In Season 2?

As of now, there is no news has come related to the new cast members. Even the program has not yet received an official season 2 renewal. The cast or the production crew have not made any statements regarding any upcoming changes to the show.

However, some rumors say that the show will come with new casting, though. Fans believe that there might be a recasting of several major characters in the show. Some have proposed that the program might introduce fresh characters.

There might be some new casting if the program is indeed given a second-season renewal. It’s also possible, that the show may continue to feature its existing cast.

Where To Watch The Rising With The Wind Series?

You can watch Rising With the Wind on iQIYI right now. It isn’t yet accessible on any other platforms, though. It’s possible that it will eventually be made available on additional platforms. You can watch Rising With the Wind on iQIYI by creating a free account.

Rising With The Wind Season 1 Recap

Once-respected footwear business Tengyue fights to survive in the competitive shoe industry due to internal strife and intense competition. The chairman of Tengyue’s daughter, Jiang Hu, is driven and passionate about carrying on her family’s tradition. An astute and driven investor named Xu Si, who views Tengyue as a profitable opportunity, crosses her way.

As Jiang Hu fights to save her company, she faces many challenges, like market pressures or internal disruption. Xu Si, initially doubtful of Tengyue’s capability, gradually recognizes Jiang Hu’s tenacity and the company’s untapped potential. Besides their different personalities and business approaches, they form a good bond, driven by their mutual respect and a shared passion for the shoe industry. heir 

As they enter the dangerous world of business their partnership gets tested by facing terrifying rivals and caring internal problems. However, their mindset took all the problems away, and they worked as a team. Which made them earn a brand reputation again. 

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