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Is Rise Of Empires Ottoman Season 2 Available On Netflix? Let’s Find Out!

Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2:  After Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 1, people are searching for Season 2. In this post, we have given the plot, cast, release date, trailer and other details of Rise of Empires Ottoman season 2. To know more about Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2, read the article till the end!

Rise of Empires Ottoman About 

Docudrama Rise of Empires: Ottoman recreates the events of 1453 that ultimately resulted in the fall of the Byzantine Empire and the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire. This series chronicles the efforts of Mehmed II (the Conqueror), Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, to write his name into history books by capturing Constantinople, the famous Byzantine metropolis that had resisted more than twenty invasions from foreign armies. Conversely, Constantine XI leads the Byzantine forces in defending the city.

Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2 Plot

The reign of Mehmed II at Constantinople was prosperous and secure after a string of victories. His plan was to become the greatest fighter in the world and eventually dominate the planet. But as his army expanded, so did his number of foes. Mehmed II had many enemies, but one in particular claimed to have the details necessary to eliminate him. It was Count Dracula himself. Their epic conflict is the focus of Season 2 of “Rise of Empires: Ottoman.” The fact that Vlad Dracula spent his formative years in the Ottoman Empire is significant.

His father had controlled the vassal kingdom of Wallachia when he was a child. The loyalty of the state was owed to the Sultan, but Mehmed II’s father had doubts about Vlad Dracula’s father’s loyalty. Hostage-taking has been around since antiquity; Alexander the Great’s father Philip was held captive at Thebes.

Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2

Vlad Dracula and his brother Radu were left in the Ottoman Empire as proof of Vlad’s loyalty to Sultan Murad II. One feels awful for Vlad and Radu because of how their childhood is portrayed in the show. He was a prisoner in the Ottoman Empire, and Vlad reminded himself of that fact frequently. He claims that Sultan Murad II tore his family apart when he was a child, and as a result, he harboured a lifelong hatred towards the Ottoman Empire.

But his sibling Radu had a very different opinion of the Turks. Because their father left them so quickly in the Ottoman Empire, he considered them family. Even after Vlad the Impaler’s father betrayed the Ottoman Empire, they were shown mercy by Sultan Murad II. As far as we know, he did not execute Vlad and Radu by beheading them.

Instead, he hoarded them for future use in his own court. Vlad and Radu were trained to combat, and we see reenacted images of Vlad and Sultan Mehmed II referring to each other as “brothers” When the Turks gave freedom to Vlad and Radu, Vlad chose to return to Wallachia and assume the king. Radu, on the other hand, remained with the Turks.

After Radu made his decision, it had a much greater impact on Vlad, who became even more incensed by the Turks. Vlad Dracula became the ruler of Wallachia in 1456. Among the terms of the agreement was that Vlad Dracula would pay tax to Sultan Mehmed in exchange for Sultan’s military protection and assistance. As a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire, his country was obligated to display loyalty to the Turks. After many years of Turkish support, Vlad stopped making payments.

Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2 Cast

Cem Yiit Üzümolu plays Mehmet the Conqueror, Tommaso Basili plays Constantine XI Palaiologos, Tuba Büyüküstün plays Mara Brankovi, Damla Sönmez plays Ana, Selim Bayraktar plays Andarl Halil Pasha, Osman Sonant plays Loukas Notaras, Tolga Tekin plays Murad II, Ushan akr

Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2 Release Date

‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ Season 2 will appear on December 29, 2022, on Netflix, worldwide. The first season premieres in 2020 and will centre on Sultan Mehmed II’s invasion of the Eastern Roman city of Constantinople. Eventually, this causes the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

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Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2 Trailer

A new trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s historical docudrama series “Rise of Empires: Ottoman” has been released. ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ Season 2 will appear on December 29, 2022, on Netflix, worldwide.

Years after the capture of Constantinople (Istanbul), in Season 2 Sultan Mehmed II consolidates his control, while a tyrant ruler in Wallachia threatens to overturn his empire. The new season pits Sultan II. Mehmed against the vampire Vlad Dracula. The second season has been officially titled, Rise of Empires: Ottoman – Mehmed vs Vlad.

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  • Rotten TomatoesAUDIENCE SCORE 85% For Season 1,  Score 81% for Season 2
  • The share of reviewers who gave this item 3.5 stars or above.
  • IMDB – Rating: 7.9/10, ‎25,518 votes


Absolutely fantastic work throughout the entire series. Excellent craftsmanship that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. All of this old history was presented in a way that makes you want to learn more. Both seasons 1 and 2 were great, and I can’t wait for the third.

When Did The Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 1 Release?

Season 1 will premiere in 2020 and will focus on Sultan Mehmed II’s campaign to conquer Constantinople, the former capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. This ultimately leads to the formation of the Ottoman Empire.


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