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Rick Ross and Pretty Vee Relationship: Some Beautiful Awards Movements Together!

Being a well-known celebrity includes having others watch your every movement and report on the venues you go to, what you dress, and the folks you hang out with. The dating-related rumours are the ones that propagate the most among all the others.

Rick Ross’s rumoured new girlfriend, Pretty Vee, is expected to attend the 2022 BET Awards with him. Many celebrity romance rumours have made the rounds on the internet in the past. Others appeared to be true despite the improbable nature of some of them.

Rick Ross and Pretty Vee Relationship

Because of the contact, they encountered on the BET Awards 2022 red carpet earlier on June 26, Pretty Vee and Rick Ross have now been added to the list of celebrities that are reported to be dating.

Fans believe that they are unquestionably dating, and we’ll explain why. But there have been speculations that the two had been together before, so this isn’t the first time they have been romantically linked. As far as we know, the following is what happened at the BET Awards 2022:

Rick Ross And Pretty Vee At The 2022 BET Awards

There has been a lot of curiosity in footage from the award presentation that involves Rick and Pretty. As a result of Rick’s unrelenting gaze, Pretty presented him to the rest of the press as her “bae.”

Snuggles and cheek kisses emphasized the uniqueness of the two individuals’ relationship. Despite their obvious chemistry, the two maintained a lighthearted demeanour that left observers wondering if they were a thing.

Following Rick and Pretty’s on-the-red-carpet meeting, viewers have speculated as to what the two may be up to. As one Twitter user tweeted,

That’s It. Rick Ross and Pretty Vee Are Dating

While another one said, It’s the way Rick Ross pulled up on Pretty Vee towards the end of her hosting job for me! I adore them both when they’re together.

As To Why There Have Been Dating Rumors

Rick and Pretty were photographed together in September 2021, which is when the allegations of their affair first appeared.

The comedian published a snapshot of herself posing sensually with Rick on her Instagram account. A simple “Imma Let This Sit” caption completed the picture. It just seemed like a picture session at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see if Rick and Pretty’s romance develops further after she referred to him as “bae” on camera.

Rozay’s Atlanta mega-mansion was a popular hangout for the two in December 2021, according to MOT, even though neither of them had made their rumoured connection public. In addition, MOT stated that the two have a solid bond.

Pretty Vee and Rick Ross Share a Frame

Pretty just posted a picture of herself and Rick in a sensuous pose to her Instagram account a short time ago (on September 1st). “Imma Let This Sit,” she said in the caption.

The post soon went viral, collecting over 360,000 likes at the time of writing, while rumours about them maybe dating started making rounds on the internet. Soon, the post was swamped with comments, as the comedian’s followers sought to discern what was occurring between her and the rapper.

Pretty Vee: Work, Life, and Purpose

When Pretty Vee first started appearing online, her fame exploded. Her Instagram account has over 5.3 million followers, which is absurd.

Additionally, she has over 227k followers on TikTok and around 364k likes on her videos. She was able to host series like Girls Cruise 2019 and Season 11 of Wild ‘N Out because of her online celebrity.

Rick Ross and Pretty Vee Relationship

Besides Facebook, you may discover Pretty on many other social networking sites. More than 11,000 people follow her on Twitter. She also operates a prominent YouTube channel that went up in September of 2020 and has acquired a following of over 18 thousand individuals.

Rick Ross’s Early Life

William Leonard Roberts II was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and raised in Carol City, Florida. After graduating from Miami Carol City Senior High School with honours in football, he was awarded a football scholarship to Albany State University. A corrections officer for 18 months, from December 1995 to June 1997, Roberts worked in a prison.

Rick Ross Career Beginnings

Teflon Da Don was Roberts’ alias when he made his Suave House Records debut. His debut recording appearance was on Erick Sermon’s final album for DreamWorks, Def Squad Presents Erick Onasis, on the tune “Ain’t Shhh to Discuss.”

He legally changed his name to Rick Ross somewhere in the middle of the 2000s. He was inspired to take the name “Freeway” Rick Ross by the legendary drug trafficker, with whom he has no affiliation.

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After beginning his career on Suave House Records, the label once home to 8Ball & MJG, he moved on to Def Jam’s Slip-n-Slide Records. While under contract with Slip-n-Slide, Roberts went on tour with fellow rapper Trick Daddy and performed as a guest on many albums.

Relationship Between Rick Ross and Pretty Vee

Rick Ross and Pretty Vee Pose for a Photo with Each Other. On the first of September, Pretty shared an intimate selfie of herself and Rick on her Instagram page. Instead of going into detail about the problem, she just wrote, “Imma Let This Sit!” as the caption.

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With almost 360,000 likes as of this writing, there have been rumours that the two are dating.

There was a flood of comments from admirers of the comedian soon after the post went up, all asking about her relationship with the rapper.

Investigating Rumors Regarding a Potential Date

It appears that fans are focused on the concept that the two are romantically related, but there is no real proof to back this at this moment.

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The post claims that Rick and Pretty worked together on a photo session, although neither has commented on the rumours. Maybe Rick has a duet with Pretty in one of his next albums. So long as they don’t get back to us, we can’t make any conclusions.


This is the first time that Pretty or Rick has spoken out about these speculations and based on the photo, it appears that the two celebrities have gotten together to shoot something. I wonder if Rick is going to include a song about Pretty in his set?

Rick Ross and Pretty Vee Relationship

Before drawing any conclusions, we must wait for an explanation from their end. This photo looks like it could be from upcoming video production, and we can’t wait to see how well Rick and Pretty get along on film!

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