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Revolver News, A Right-Wing Website Endorsed By Trump, Calls For Shooting Protestors

Revolver. News is a right-wing website that has been endorsed by President Donald Trump and calls for the shooting of protestors. Revolver. News is a website that publishes articles with hyperbolic headlines, conspiracy theories, and calls for violence against political opponents.

Recent articles on the site have advocated for violence against protestors, called for the execution of Hillary Clinton, and more. Revolver. News is a dangerous website that has no place in our society and must be exposed for the threat it poses to everyone who reads it. If you have any information about individuals who are promoting or engaging in extremism on Revolver. News, please contact law enforcement immediately.


Revolver. News is a right-wing website that has been endorsed by President Trump. The website calls for protesters to be shot, and it has posted calls for violence against left-leaning groups.

Revolver. News is a fringe website that traffics conspiracy theories and right-wing rhetoric. The website posts inflammatory articles that call for violence against progressive activists and journalists.

In one article, Revolver. News encourages its readers to shoot protesters who are “blocking traffic” or “chanting slogans incomprehensibly”. The article also suggests using “nonlethal methods such as pepper spray or bean bag rounds” to incapacitate protesters without harming them permanently.

This call for violence against peaceful activists is horrifying and unacceptable. President Trump should distance himself from this extremist site immediately…

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Revolver. News is a right-wing website that endorsed Donald Trump for president. The website calls for shooting protesters and has published articles calling for “the return of the revolver” as a means to deal with anti-fascist activists.

The website has published articles advocating violence against protesters, calling them “snowflakes” and “soft targets.” One article even recommended using a revolver to kill protesters:

“If you’re feeling particularly angry or frustrated about the current state of America, there’s nothing wrong with taking matters into your own hands. In fact, sometimes the only thing that will get someone’s attention is when they see violence hit close to home. So if you’re planning on protesting in the near future, remember: bring along a revolver.”

Online Reaction

Revolver.News is a right-wing website that has endorsed Trump and calls for the shooting of protestors. The website has published articles calling for protesters to be shot and even offering tips on how to do it. One article, entitled “3 Simple Tips For Shooting Unruly Protester In The Head” instructs readers on how to shoot protesters in the head without getting caught.

The website has also hosted a number of videos advocating violence against protestors. One video, which has since been removed, shows a man shooting at demonstrators using an AR-15 rifle. Another video, which is still online, depicts a man setting fire to a protest sign.

Revolver.News regularly posts articles attacking liberals and calling for violence against them. The website also frequently posts articles praising Trump and his policies.


If you’re ever feeling angry and frustrated with the current state of affairs in America, take a look at Revolver. News. The website is known for its divisive rhetoric and support of Donald Trump, which has led some to dub it “the alt-right’s answer to Breitbart.” Recently, the website published an article called “10 Simple Steps For Making America Great Again,” which includes a call for shooting protestors during protests.

This call is particularly distressing given the current climate in America – where peaceful protests are being met with increasing brutality from law enforcement officials – and underscores the need for calm and constructive dialogue in response to demonstrations. We must remember that violence is never the answer, no matter how justified you may feel on any particular occasion.

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