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Review of the Film Prince: A Clean, Absurd Comedy That Struggles to Keep You Laughing.

Review of the Film Prince: A Clean, Absurd Comedy That Struggles to Keep You Laughing.

Written by Janani K: Sivakarthikeyan began his career as a stand-up comedian, and the humorous one-liners he delivered contributed to his rise to fame. He has established himself as a bankable celebrity in the Tamil cinema industry and has been involved in a number of films that have been commercially successful.

You can anticipate a lot of action to go place on screen when a major performer like Sivakarthikeyen collaborates with a Telugu filmmaker like Anudeep, who is well-known for his use of slapstick humour in his films. Did something like that occur in the movie that they made, Prince?

The remainder of the village does not associate with Anbu (Sivakarthikeyan), who is considered to have “made a mistake.” The villagers have convinced his father, Ulaganathan, played by Sathyaraj, to disown his son and he is preparing to do so. We are going to travel back in time right now.

Because of a lady from the United Kingdom named Jessica, Anbu, a teacher who doesn’t always show up to work, now goes to school each and every day (Maria Ryaboshapka). She is hired to work as a teacher at the institution. In the end, he finds himself falling in love with her.

In spite of the fact that he believes his father will support the marriage, his father rejects the idea. The battle for independence from the British was where Ulaganathan’s father lost his life. The plot of the narrative focuses on Anbu’s efforts to get the support of both his own father and the father of his wife.

The fact that Anudeep is a jokester is easily his most endearing quality. He has demonstrated, via the films that he has produced, that the goofiness of life is the foundation of his sense of humour. There are others besides just Prince. The movie puts its characters in a lot of ridiculous predicaments and then tries to make fun of those predicaments. Imagine a lengthy portion of a comedy show in which the main character, Jessica, does nothing but ask for a “bottle guard.”

On the other hand, Prince is only funny in certain situations. This insane movie will make you laugh out loud at times, but it will also fail to make you laugh on several occasions. There were some jokes and one-liners that were not particularly funny. A significant amount of the audience’s time was consumed by the first half of Prince. The comedy was successful in certain moments of the film, which are easily identifiable.

Both the scene in the Anandraj police station and the final stretch about humanity showcase Sivakarthikeyan’s acting chops to their fullest potential. Even Sathyaraj is outstanding in his performance as the peculiar father in this film. Their interactions together make for some hilarious situations, particularly the one in which she quizzes him on the meaning of the word “Gummuratappura.”

In addition to this, Prince is a movie that reflects back on itself. The filmmaker and the performers poke fun at themselves and the work they’ve done in the past, but they do so in a humorous and lighthearted manner. However, Prince’s most significant flaw is that his comedic moments do not consistently elicit laughter from his audience.

Sivakarthikeyan shines brightest in the role of Anbu in the film Prince. His quips and sayings are well timed and appropriate for the situation. The movie also shows the genuine Sivakarthikeyan acting to his abilities, which is a nice touch. Sathyaraj, an actor with a significant amount of experience, appears in a number of comedic roles throughout the course of this film.

Maria did an amazing job for it being her first performance. The fact that Premgi Amaren played Boopathy, the leader of a criminal organisation that stole land, is the real shocker here. Audiences are so accustomed to watching Premgi Amaren in comedic parts that it was a completely new experience for them to see him in a role that was (at least partially) dramatic.

The films Bimbiiki Pilapi and Jessica are two excellent examples of Manoj Paramahamsa’s use of Thaman’s music as the basis for his filmmaking. The spirited dance steps that Sivakarthikeyan and Maria performed got them additional points. Prince is an insane comedy that strives to make its audience laugh for the entirety of the film. However, there aren’t a lot of funny moments in the second half.

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