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Resurrection Ertugrul Season 6: Release Date, Cast and Who is the Gokce Player?

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 6

The Turkish TV series Resurrection Ertugrul, a historical epic, is produced and directed by Kemal Tekden and Metin Günay. When the Ottoman Empire was just a little nation, it rose to become one of the most powerful in the world. It was a huge success when it premiered in Turkey on December 10th, 2014.

In the epic historical drama Resurrection, Ertugrul’s followers were impatiently awaiting news of a possible Season 6 after the phenomenal success of Season 5. For Resurrection Ertugrul Season 6, we’ll look at everything we know so far about the upcoming season and make educated guesses regarding its release date, cast, and other specifics.


Turgut Alp, Played by Cengiz Coşkun

Cengiz Coşkun, a 38-year-old Turkish actor, portrays Turgut Alp in Ertugrul. He is one of Ertugrul’s three pinnacles in terms of personality.

He is known for using an axe instead of a sword in battle. It’s fascinating to learn about how he was kidnapped and promoted to the position of Kayi chief alp. This makes him the Bey of Cavdar as well as Ertugrul’s devoted aide-de-camp. His next job is with Ertugrul’s son, Osman.

Bamsi Beyrek is Portrayed by Nurettin Sonmez.

Ertugrul’s third peak is played by Turkish actor Nurettin Sonmez. He has a kind heart and is a devoted friend.

He is shown to be slow to think and easily enraged. He has been rumoured to use two swords in battle. It is a fact that Bamsi Beyrek has two children.

In Ertugrul, Who is the Gokce Player?

Gokce Hatun is portrayed by Burcu Kiratli. He plays Hayme Hatun and Suleyman Shah’s daughter, who they raised as their own. Her dedication to Ertugrul is well-known. She also saves his life in the show.

Ertugrul’s Cast Also Includes several Notable Actors

In the role of Suleyman Shah, Serdar Gokhan. Kaan Taşaner portrays Gündodu Bey, Esra Bilgic portrays Halime Sultan, Kerem Bekişolu portrays Savci Bey, and Emre Üctepe portrays Osman Gazi in the film.

What is the Release Date of the Sixth Season of Resurrection Ertugrul?

Season 6 of Resurrection Ertugrul Has Been Examined

This is a fascinating series about Turkey’s history. It shed light on Ottoman life and culture. No matter how many shows it put out, they were all inaccurate.

In the past, there have been other shows like this one. Turkey has done a fantastic job. Resurrection Ertugrul follows Ertugrul Ghazi, the man who founded the Ottoman Empire.


The show’s portrayal of the period is said to be authentic, and the stories have kept viewers interested from start to finish.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in the Next Season of Resurrection Ertugrul?

Even if Resurrection Ertugrul 2 doesn’t have as many episodes as the first season, if the showrunner decides to make it, it will have at least 58. At least 58 episodes are expected to air this season.

New Season Six Record

Those who haven’t seen the show yet might get an idea of how good it is based on the series’ rating.

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The IMDb rating of 8.1/10 is a great accomplishment. There has a 92% average rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


We can only hope that the trailer for season 6 of Resurrection Ertugrul will be released soon since there have been no official announcements.

While we wait for new episodes, we may catch up on prior seasons and relive our favourite moments from our favourite characters. No official announcement has been made, therefore don’t believe this link that purports to include the Resurrection Ertugrul season 6 trailer. Resurrection Ertugrul’s sixth season launch date is expected to be announced soon. We have high hopes!

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