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Requesting to study the origin of COVID 19, and jointly oppose the politicization of the issue

Before the outbreak of COVID19, these viruses must have repeatedly infected each other in wild animals and humans. In this process, the virus gradually accumulates mutations that can adapt to humans. Wu said that in the process of invading people, the virus repeatedly failed, leaving “trace” until it evolved into its present state: it is extremely adaptable to the spread between people. If any country insists on the labor source hypothesis, they should work in the laboratory to create a new virus strain that can kill mosquitoes. If they can’t do it within three years, everyone will go to jail,” Wu. Say.


  • China has submitted COVID19 Phase II traceability recommendations to the WHO, and believes that the research should be based on joint research and should be carried out in more places around the world.Every search must start with a model, just like searching for a suspect requires the suspect’s personal information, such as height, age, and physique. Everyone is crying for searching, but no one says what we should look for. From this perspective, Wu suggested that the WHO should first define the meaning of origin, and then decide where to go.
  • “In our model, we have a rather specific idea of ​​where to find the origin. This will be a place where bats are abundant, local human density is low, and people and bats are in frequent contact, especially when bats are important for local cuisine. Component. Wu said.Recently, 55 countries wrote to the Director-General of WHO, requesting to study the origin of COVID19, and jointly oppose the politicization of the issue. As of Wednesday, more than 15 million Internet users signed a joint letter on the Internet requesting the WHO to investigate the United States. People continue to suspect a connection between Fort Detrick and an outbreak of unexplained respiratory illness and wonder why it cannot be carried out in the United States. United States, origin research. America is like
  • While scientists around the world have been calling for the politicization of research on the origin of COVID19, some countries, especially the United States, continue to promote the “laboratory leak” theory and pressure the WHO to conduct a second round of porcelain research. China’s famous evolutionary biology In an exclusive interview, Wu Zhong, a science and genetics scientist, said that viruses can only come from nature and cannot be created by humans.Wu
  • , professor of the School of Life Sciences at Sun Yat-sen University and director of the Beijing Institute of Genomics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, emphasized the main reasons for the untimely global pandemic. Control is that the voice of scientists is too weak; otherwise, if the global response is scientific and positive, the COVID19 epidemic will end in May 2020.Describing the world as “irrational,” Wu asked about the science of the World Health Organization (WHO) and international scientists who seek the truth in spirit.On July 22, Chinese health officials stated at a press conference that China would not accept the WHO’s proposal to conduct a second phase study on the origin of COVID19 in China, saying that the proposal lacked respect for common sense and was arrogant and self-conscious about science. Big. They emphasized that the next stage of research should be carried out in more countries and regions around the world on the basis of extensive consultations among member states, rather than in places they have already inspected.
  • Yuan Zhiming, director of the China National Laboratory for Biosafety and a professor at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, also criticized the “laboratory leak” theory at the meeting, emphasizing that the institute has never “touched, preserved, designed, manufactured or filtered coronavirus.”China’s resolute and specific response came after the United States continued to pour dirty water on China to promote the theory of “laboratory leaks”, and US President Joe Biden even asked US intelligence agencies to confirm whether the coronavirus came from the United States within 90 days. Laboratories, although China’s joint report on the origin of the virus states that the pandemic originated in laboratories is considered “extremely unlikely” because all three laboratories in Wuhan are engaged in coronavirus diagnosis and/or coronavirus isolation and vaccine development It has a high degree of biological safety. Well-managed facilities.
  • Wu believes that compared with the 2003 SARS CoV, SARS CoV2 has a very good adaptability to the human population, and the adaptability changes from animal hosts to humans must be more extensive. According to According to the blind watchmaker, such adaptive changes can only occur before the current epidemic, with the help of gradual selection. From this perspective, SARS CoV2 cannot evolve in the animal markets of large cities, let alone May evolve in the laboratory.One of the main points some people make when preaching the theory of “man-made” conspiracies and “laboratory leaks” is how a virus that is perfectly adapted to the human body like the new coronavirus can come from a nature ” blind “. “This is a terrible throwback from scientific thinking, going back to the thinking of a shepherd more than 200 years ago,” Wu said.
  • Wu explained that the new coronavirus, as a “perfect” virus, must be a product of natural evolution, because even the best human scientists cannot “make” a perfect virus suitable for humans.”As the most skilled and experienced mobile phone manufacturers, they cannot design the world’s most popular mobile phone at once. The ‘perfect’ product must be based on market testing and repeated polishing,” Wu said.Some existing studies have also proved this point. For example, mice cannot be infected with the new coronavirus, but scientists have found a new strain of coronavirus that can infect mice through artificial selection. However, even so, the artificially selected strain did not cause a large-scale outbreak in the mouse population.
  • China has taken the initiative in tracing the source of SARSCoV2 in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and has done a lot of work. It would be unfair if the international community continues to focus only on China while promoting “laboratory leaks.” Lei Ruipeng, an expert from the Center for Philosophy and Bioethics of Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology and a member of the WHO Ethics and COVID19 Working Group, said in an exclusive global interview that “a conspiracy without evidence”. Second-rate. Lei’s comments came as WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently outlined a plan for the second phase of the investigation into the origin of China’s coronavirus, which includes “audits of relevant research laboratories and institutions operating in this field. “Proposal. The first human case was discovered in December 2019.
  • The proposal was rejected by the Deputy Director of China’s National Health Commission Zeng Xin, saying that it “ignores common sense and ignores science. Lei Jun said that virus traceability is a complex scientific issue that requires international cooperation. China has taken the initiative. The WHO delegation opened up the country. It is only for China, while other countries, such as the United States and other countries with severe epidemics and reported suspected cases before the outbreak, still refuse to cooperate. This will be unfair and unfair. At a WHO press conference in May, Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, stated that the entire traceability process was poisoned by politics. Ryan calls on everyone to “separate the politics of this topic (COVID19 origin research) from science if possible. is not only the origin of the virus, but the Western world has also politicized other issues related to COVID19, such as China’s epidemic control strategies because they themselves could not control national epidemics, Lei said.
  • The World Health Organization published the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Global Research Roadmap in February 2020, in which experts identified key knowledge gaps and research priorities, and shared scientific data from ongoing research, thus accelerating key scientific information to help control the COVID19 emergency and prevent similar disasters in the future. It took decades to discover that the 1918 influenza pandemic was similar to H1N1. Lei Jun noted that Lei Jun and other Chinese researchers published articles online at the Bioethics Forum organized by the Hastings Center, proposing four principles for global joint research: neutrality; openness, justice and due process; actions against discrimination; and cooperation. .
  • WHOChina’s investigation process established an unprecedented origin investigation and traceability. I believe that the report published at the end of March is an important step forward, but there is more work to be done to comply with the four basic principles. I also believe that in the future, global multi-stakeholder cooperation in researching and fighting COVID19 and emerging epidemics, including meaningful engagement from China, is the key to our joint improvement in well-being, Lei told the Global Times. Regarding the WHO’s concerns about information transparency, Lei Jun said that China has initiated biosafety laws and regulations to monitor human genetic resources. Chinese authorities shared information with international experts during the outbreak of the new corona pneumonia epidemic and jointly investigated Wuhan, but they refused. these specimens and tissue samples outside of China. Any other country, like the United States, has similar laws and will do the same.
  • Lei also noted that the second phase of the WHO plan deviated from its roadmap published in 2020, distorting the approach to virus traceability for unknown reasons.

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