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How to Remove Followers on Twitter without Blocking?

How to Remove Followers on Twitter without Blocking? The new “Remove this follower” option on Twitter makes it simple to unfollow someone without having to block them.

While this feature is unavailable in the Twitter mobile app, you can remove followers on your Android, iPhone, or iPad by accessing Twitter in a web browser.

We will demonstrate how to remove a Twitter follower without blocking them, as well as how to block a follower so that they cannot follow you in the future.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter Without Blocking?


  • Utilize a web browser to navigate to The “Remove this follower” feature is only accessible via a web browser on a computer, phone, or tablet; it is absent from the Twitter mobile application.
  • If you have not made your Twitter account private, a person you remove as a follower can still follow you in the future if you have not made your account private. If you do not want this individual to contact you on Twitter, you should block them.
  • When you remove a follower, they will not receive a notification, but they may realise they are no longer following you if they no longer see your tweets in their timeline.
  • Navigate to the profile of the user you wish to delete. You can click or tap on their name in the feed, or use the search feature to locate them.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter without Blocking

  • It is easy to remove several followers from your own profile if you wish to do so in bulk. Click or press your profile symbol in the upper-right corner, pick Profile, and then click the Followers counter at the top of the screen. This is a list of your followers.
  • Click or press the three dots atop the individual’s profile. The menu expands. If you visited your own profile in the preceding step, click or press the three dots to the right of the individual you wish to remove.
  • Choose Remove this subscriber. A message of confirmation will display.
  • Click or press Remove to confirm. This removes the user from your following list.


  • Launch the Twitter application or navigate to You can block an account if you wish to delete a follower permanently and prevent them from following you again.
  • On Twitter, blocked users will be unable to reach you in any manner.
  • Visit the profile of the individual you wish to block. You can do so by clicking or pressing the profile icon in the feed or by searching for their user name.
  • Additionally, you can scroll down to one of the individual’s postings and unfollow them directly from the news stream. Scroll to a tweet from the individual you wish to block, and then proceed.
  • Click or press the three dots on the person’s profile or tweet to view additional information. The menu expands.
  • Select the one to Block. A confirmation message will be displayed.
  • To confirm, click or press Block one more. This stops this user from following you or contacting you on Twitter while they are logged into their blocked account.
  • If you were following someone before blocking them, you will no longer do so.

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