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Rebelde Season 2: is It Cancelled? Details You Need to Know Right Now!

On January 5, Netflix presented the first episode of their updated version of Rebelde. Fans were able to get to know the new generation of EWS students throughout the duration of the eight episodes, which included actors Azul Guaita, Franco Masini, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Lizeth Selene, and Jerónimo Cantillo.

Giovanni Grigio and Alejandro Puente are the final two actors in the primary cast. There were also recognizable actors from the first season of the show, like Estefana Villarreal in the role of Celina and Karla Cosso as Pilar. In addition, former RBD member Alfonso Herrera expressed his approval of the new beginning.

Rebelde Season 2

Netflix just recently made the announcement that they will be airing a second season of the Spanish language sitcom Rebelde. The musical teen show, which premiered in January of this year, is a revival of the Mexican drama with the same name.

The first season of the show ran from 2004 to 2006, and it consisted of more than 400 episodes. When it was originally made available, the first season of the reimagined musical teen drama was an immediate success with audiences all over the world. The continuation of the show for a second season brought joy to the audience of the show.

The Second Season of Rebelde Will Premiere Earlier Than Originally Anticipated

Netflix has confirmed the release date of the second episode of the show, and it will be available on your screens earlier than was originally anticipated. On July 27, 2022, the show is scheduled to make its return with a new season. The streaming service provider made the formal announcement on their Twitter account.

The first reason had to do with the lives of six first-year students at Elite Way School. Their names are Andi, Esteban, MJ, Luka, and Dixon. These six students, who hailed from a variety of social and economic backgrounds, came together to establish a music band that quickly gained a following at their school. However, because to their ever-increasing popularity, they became entangled in a situation that put their futures, as well as the future of their band, in jeopardy.

Rebelde Season 2

The critics had a difficult time deciding how they felt about the show’s first season, but viewers embraced it wholeheartedly. More than 33 million hours were spent watching the show in only the first week it was available. The conclusion of the season left the audience hanging in suspense.

Predicted Events for the Second Season

The new season reportedly began filming not long after the conclusion of the last one. The first season left a number of questions unsolved, but the second season will address all of those issues. The audience will find out whether Luka transfers back to Elite Way School and whether MJ achieves her dream of being a music star.

The question of whether or not Sebas should be held liable for her behavior will also be answered. It’s possible that the creators of the show may investigate the possibility of a romance developing between Jana and Esteban.

The future of the Lodge, including whether they will return or whether they will acquire a new leader, will also be revealed in the new season. There is a possibility that the storyline involving Celina Ferrer and her helper will be included in the season.

In the second season, there is a possibility that a new band will be introduced to serve as competition for the six leads. In addition, it was revealed in the first season that Luka’s father had a lovechild, which will play a significant role in another crucial subplot in the second season.

Cast Members of Rebelde Season 2

The six main characters on the show are played by Lizethe Lezene as Andi, Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon, Andrea Chaparro as MJ, Franco Masini as Luka, Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban, and Azul Guaita as Jana. The show also features Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon.

Giovanna Grigio played Emilia, Alejandro Puente played Sebastián, and Estefana Villarreal played Director Celina Ferrer in the first season of the show. In the second season, the same actors will play the same roles they did in the first.

The social media influencer and YouTuber Figueroa, better known by his stage as Saak, will be joining the cast of the show in the upcoming season, as has been officially confirmed. It has been decided that he will play the part of Okane, a new pupil at the Elite Way School.

Rebelde Season 2

Saak is a member of a group of influential people known as Los Caballeros. Other members of this group include Juanpa Zurita, Sebastián Villalobos, Mario Bautista, and others.


Earlier on in the year, Netflix revealed on Twitter that the program will be coming back for a second season. Later, they startled the fans by announcing that the series will not be accessible until the 27th of July, 2022. Because the first season of Rebelde debuted earlier this year in January, many of the show’s viewers were taken aback by how quickly production began on season 2.

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