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Will There Be Real Steel 2? Check All The Information We Have About It

Real Steel 2 Release date

Real Steel did well at the box office and got good reviews when it came out, but there was never a follow-up. Charles Kenton, played by Hugh Jackman, is a famous boxer who is having a hard time.

In a future where robots fight instead of people, Charlie tries to avoid paying off a gaming debt while also getting back in touch with his son after the death of his ex-girlfriend.

Charlie turned his back on his child at first by letting him live with his ex-girlfriend’s family. But the two become close over their love of boxing robots, which gives Charlie a new start in life.

The plot of a movie about a dad who hasn’t paid his bills for a long time unexpectedly finding new meaning in his life through his link with his long-lost son is a tired one, but the addition of boxing robots made Real Steel a fun ride and a huge hit at the box office.

Since Real Steel became more famous after being put on Netflix, there may be a chance for a follow-up, even though it was first shown in theaters 12 years ago.

Of course, everyone who worked on the movie would have to be there to bring back the magic. This includes the stars and the people who made the movie.

When Will Real Steel 2 Come Out?

A lot of Hollywood movies make sequels to build on the popularity of the first movie. In this case, it’s clear that the people behind Real Steel, like Levy, don’t want to risk the company’s history by doing the same thing.

It might also be hard to get all the parts for a sequel to work together, and not just because so much time has passed since the first book came out. Max, Charlie’s pre-teen son, was played by Dakota Goyo.


He has grown up and stopped acting. To keep the story going, they would have to cast him as either a child or an adult.

Even though there isn’t a sequel, a Real Steel Disney+ show was supposed to start filming in 2022, but there haven’t been many details since then. If it stays popular on Netflix, Disney might decide to make more episodes.

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What Could A Real Steel Sequel Have Been?

Tony Mackie, who played Charlie’s friend Finn, wants to make a Real Steel remake. In 2021, he not only pushed for a follow-up to Real Steel, but he also thought it might turn into a possible world.

“I think there are a lot of options,” Mackie said. “Going to the underground world to see what it’s really like has always been an idea of mine.” The low-key boxing scene is very different from the last fight, which was very fancy and well-made. You could do Mad Max meets Real Steel, and I could play Tina Turner.


Real Steel, a boxing movie, was a hit at the box office and received positive reviews. The story follows Charles Kenton, a boxer struggling to pay off a gaming debt and reconnect with his son after his ex-girlfriend’s death.

The movie’s plot, which included boxing robots, was a hit. Netflix’s success may lead to a sequel, but the creators may not want to risk the company’s history.

A Real Steel Disney+ show was supposed to start filming in 2022, but details have not been released. If the show stays popular on Netflix, Disney might decide to make more episodes.

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