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Ray Liotta Net Worth: What Was Liotta’s Worth and Salary?

Raymond Allen Liotta was an American actor and film producer who lived from December 18, 1954 until May 26, 2022. He was best recognised for his roles in Field of Dreams (1989) and Goodfellas (1995). (1990). He won a Primetime Emmy Award and was nominated for a Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Early Life

Raymond Allen Liotta was born on December 18th, 1954 in Newark, New Jersey. His full name is Raymond Allen Liotta. When Liotta was a child, he and his sister were given to American Italian parents to raise as their own. After some time, he was able to locate his biological mother and learn that the majority of his ancestry comes from Scotland. Even though they were reared in a Catholic environment, Liotta and his sister did not spend much time in church during their childhood.

After receiving his diploma from Union High School in 1973, Liotta went on to study at the University of Miami. He participated in the college’s musical productions while he was pursuing a degree in fine arts and studied acting at the same time.


Following his graduation from college, Ray Liotta relocated to New York City in order to launch an acting career there. While he was working as a bartender for a theatre in New York City, he began to make connections, and he eventually booked an agent. Early on in his career, Liotta found popularity in television. Between the years 1978 and 1981, he portrayed the role of Joey Perrini on the daytime serial opera Another World.

Ray Liotta Net Worth

When Ray Liotta made the decision to go to Los Angeles and concentrate more on his acting career, he was making a significant career move. His early roles were in movies such as “The Lonely Lady” and “Something Wild,” both of which he appeared in. Because of his performance in the later part, he was nominated for a Golden Globe. Another significant appearance for Liotta came in the year 1989, when he appeared in the film Field of Dreams as the spectre of Shoeless Joe Jackson.

It was perhaps in 1990 when filmmaker Martin Scorsese hired Ray Liotta in the lead role of the iconic mafia film Goodfellas that Liotta’s career reached its pinnacle. Goodfellas is a film that will live on in cinematic history. Only in the United States did the movie make more than $46 million in revenue. It is widely regarded as both the best movie of the current year and one of the very best gangster movies ever made, according to numerous critics.

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Personal Life and Real Estate

Between the years 1997 and 2004, Ray was married to Michelle Grace. Mark Gracy, a professional baseball player, was Michelle’s ex-husband from a previous marriage. Britney Spears purchased the lengthy property that had been in Ray’s family in Pacific Palisades for $7 million in 2007. According to Ray’s tax filings, he owns more than one house in the Palisades, as well as a residence in Malibu.

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In 2019, Ray started starring in a series of advertisements for the company Chantix, which specializes in helping people quit smoking.

What Was Ray Liotta’s Net Worth and Salary?

At the time of his passing, American actor, producer, and director Ray Liotta had a net worth of $14 million. He was known for his work in film and television. After playing the major role in Martin Scorsese’s famous film about the mafia, GoodFellas, Ray Liotta became a well-known and well-respected person.

Ray Liotta Net Worth

In addition to his performance in this once-in-a-lifetime role, Ray Liotta has enjoyed a great deal of success in cinema and television roles.

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