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Stunning Looks of Raquel Leviss Before and After Surgeries!

Raquel Leviss, a beauty queen on Vanderpump Rules, recently disclosed that she had rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of her nose. The majority of her devotees would argue that she was perfect before cosmetic surgery, but the “SURver” never felt secure in her own skin. Now, admirers can properly compare the before and after images.

James Kennedy is no stranger to problematic outbursts, but Raquel is known for her ability to ground him. The model was the DJ’s number one supporter, and admirers came to adore Raquel for her unwavering devotion. After James sobered up for Raquel, their lives began to fall into place.

James astonished Raquel with a Coachella-themed proposal, replete with a Tiffany diamond, on the new season of Vanderpump Rules. Raquel has always been perceived as timid, in part because admirers witnessed her break down during a public speaking engagement. She disclosed that she had always been extremely timid. Viewers had no notion that she lacked confidence, particularly considering that she used to compete in beauty pageants.

Raquel Leviss Has Openly Discussed Her Nose Job and Other Cosmetic Procedures

On the ninth season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Leviss stated that she had a $16,000 rhinoplasty surgery that did not go as planned. She pondered having another costly operation but opted against it.

Leviss subsequently claimed that she contours her nose with cosmetics and that she proudly filters some of her images. She informed admirers on social media, according to, “I can contour my nose really well with makeup.” “I love [Instagram] filters because I absolutely despise my nose, and it’s a simple, simple fix to straighten that out.”

Leviss also admitted to using lip fillers on occasion. In 2019, she participated in a Blush Beverly Hills Facebook video in which she was having lip injections. “I love the way my lip fillers turned out,” Leviss stated following the treatment. “I think they look perfectly pouted and fresh, really hydrated, and natural.”

Raquel Leviss Before and After

According to, she also released before and after photos with followers following another round of fillers, stating that fillers are “a personal decision and totally not necessary to be considered beautiful.” “You know what I decided? “It’s been a long year, and I’m going to reward myself with some luscious lips,” she declared in 2022. “I actually think I’m really cute without lip filler, too.”

Fans Had Much to Say About Raquel Leviss’ Altering Appearance

Leviss was depicted in a vintage photo on the Bravo Then vs. Now Instagram page, which displayed her with long, honey-colored hair and a swimsuit. In a second, more recent photograph, she posed in her SUR hostess uniform with a pixie haircut. The updated photo depicted Leviss with denser cosmetics, fuller lips, and thicker eyebrows compared to the previous image.

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Some fans felt that Leviss was more attractive in the “before” photograph. Others remarked that the “Vanderpump Rules” star should have left her visage alone because she is a natural beauty.

“She really doesn’t need those lip injections, and her nose was fine,” wrote one commenter. “She was so beautiful before!” exclaimed another. “Now she appears like everyone else who has altered their facial appearance! Botox injections to the lips and cheekbones, and a rhinoplasty (her original nose was so much superior)!

“She appears to be a completely different person!” chimed in a second person. Others, however, were offended by the criticism of the Bravo personality. “She looks fine in both photographs. Stop acting as if she devastated her visage, wrote one fan. “She is beautiful in both pictures,” concurred a second observer. “I only hope she feels better about herself now and that she doesn’t continue working until she’s unrecognizable.”

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