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Rage Against the Machine’s Tim Commerford disclosed that he has prostate cancer.

Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford confirmed that he has prostate cancer.

The bassist discussed in greater detail about how he was diagnosed and revealed to SPIN that he had his prostate removed just before Rage Against The Machine was set to embark on tour.

“I purchased life insurance, but my PSA levels have increased. I was unable to comprehend it, he admitted. I wasn’t insured by them. The number was initially incredibly low, like one point or something. It kept getting higher while I observed it for an entire year and a half. My prostate was eventually removed after a biopsy revealed that I had cancer.

“I reasoned that perhaps it isn’t that essential since they are watching and allowing it to get this point. I’m at fault. My vitals are up, but what does that truly mean? I should have said instead. I ought to have treated it with more gravity.

“Right now I’m in the same situation as I am, which means hold your breath for six months,” he concluded. It’s not good, and I’m not satisfied with it. I’m merely attempting to seize the reins. I’m hoping it’ll be a protracted journey. Cancer claimed my mother at the age of 40 and my father at the age of 70. I’ll have 10 years if you divide the difference by 65. I now have various objectives as I work toward the 100 song milestone.

Commerford continued, “My doctors told me I wouldn’t be ready in time, so I almost missed the Rage Against The Machine “Public Service Announcement” tour.”

“It was vicious. I would cry while I stood on stage and stare at my amp, he recounted. “You simply turn around and take it in. We prepared these little interstitial videos that appeared between song blocks due to Zach [de la Rocha’s] injuries. We had to enter the stage, perform a few songs, exit, and spend some time in the inserts. It went smoothly.

Then he became hurt, so we were unable to exit the stage. We simply sit during interstitial advertisements. It seemed strange. I used to sit down and make an effort not to think about certain topics. It was strange. It was difficult for me to keep it to myself throughout the tour.

Zach de la Rocha’s Achilles tendon injury forced the band to postpone the tour, and they also lost their spot as the headliners at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival.

Commerford said that he first made the decision to keep his diagnosis a secret. Because it is connected to libido, he declared that prostate cancer is an extremely, extremely, really dangerous condition.

When you’re put into that circumstance, it’s a horrible psychological trip because it’s difficult to disengage from that. I looked for support groups, but it’s difficult to meet individuals and broach the subject.

The bassist continued by saying that he was still hopeful. “I just received the results of my six-month test, and they were zero. I exclaimed, “Hell, yes!” It’s the nicest feeling I will ever experience.

Commerford just revealed 7D7D, a brand-new side project for which he collaborated with guitarist Johnny Polonsky and drummer Mathias Wakrat of Wakrat.

They released their first single, “Capitalism,” last month.

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