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How popular Was the PUBG Nations Cup 2023?


PUBG Nations Cup 2023: Even though it has the lowest viewership of any previous iteration of the PUBG Nations Cup, the PUBG Nations Cup is currently the most popular event the game’s title has hosted so far in 2023. According to Esports Charts, the midseason competition that matches nations against each other attracted a peak audience of 230,782 people and an average audience of 122,286 viewers across its nearly 15 hours of show time.

This is a lot less than its first event in 2019, which had a peak of 492 735 watchers. But this year’s cup had about the same number of watchers as the second one in 2022: a peak of 239,112 and an average of 129,225.

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South Korea won the tournament in the end, and the United Kingdom, which won the game last year, came in second. The biggest peak number of viewers was 98,808 for Vietnamese-language streams. Thai (39,107) and Korean (33,759) came in second and third, respectively.

PUBG Nations Cup 2023

The biggest change in the way people watched TV from 2022 to 2023 may have been in the language platforms. In 2022, Thai had the most watchers of any language, with 89,157. But it’s important to remember that last year’s game was in Thailand and this year’s will be in South Korea.

Esports Charts says that compared to the rest of PUBG’s esports calendar for 2023, this event has the most watchers at its peak right now. Even so, the PUBG Global Championship 2023 is still going to happen later this year.

Also, it’s hard to know how popular the game is in China because Esports Charts can’t keep track of how many people watch on Chinese sites. So, the PUBG Champions League 2023 in China, which is an offline tournament, can’t be matched.

Still, the $300,000 prize pool at this year’s PUBG Nations Cup at Sangam Colosseum beat out both PUBG Global Series events from the 2023 calendar year.

Table of Contents

Participating Nations

All over the world, countries have been getting ready to send their best PUBG teams to the 2023 Nations Cup. As in years past, each country will send a team of four players, who were chosen through tough national trials and qualifiers.

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Closer to the date of the event, the final list of countries that will take part will be announced. Fans can expect a wide range of countries, both veterans and newbies, to compete for the title.

Cultural Exchange and Fan Engagement

The PUBG Nations Cup is not just about ferocious rivalry; rather, it is an opportunity for players and fans to connect with one another on a global level.

PUBG Nations Cup 2023

The competition frequently includes cultural exchanges, giving participants from a variety of nationalities the opportunity to learn about and participate in one another’s customs and practices.

In addition, fans can anticipate taking part in a variety of events both online and on-site, such as giveaways, competitions, and opportunities to meet their favorite players.


The PUBG Nations Cup 2023 is sure to be an event that PUBG fans all over the world will never forget. With the best players from all over the world coming to fight in the middle of Europe, the stage is set for fierce battles and amazing moments.

As the game date gets closer, people are getting more and more excited, and they can’t wait to see which country wins the Battlegrounds. Get ready for the PUBG Nations Cup 2023 and celebrate the best of professional PUBG with people from all over the world.

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