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PUBG Mobile Game 1 UC Bounty Raid Offers a Chance to Win

The devs have announced a new PUBG Mobile game event called 1-UC Bounty Raid. This new event introduces the chance to win some attractive skins by wagering a minimum of 1UC.

PUBG Mobile has a 1 UC Bounty Raid offer, which gives PUBG Mobile players a chance to win some attractive skin. As the name of this offer suggests, it gives the player a chance to win the skin by spending just 1 UC. The announcement was made by the PUBG Mobile India Twitter account, which also stated that the offer started on 29 May and its last date is 19 June. However, buying skin in this offer is not as simple as you are thinking. It is not that the player with 1 UC in its straight skin Can buy, rather it has a draw for each item, giving the player a chance to win a skin.

To participate in the 1 UC Bounty Red event at PUBG Mobile, players have to select the desired item and purchase a bounty voucher of 1 UC. After this, the player becomes part of the draw for that particular item. Each item requires certain participation and when that requirement is met, a draw is made and one of the players is declared the winner.

In addition, players who purchase bounty vouchers will get 10 BP or 2 AG for each voucher. And of course the more vouchers you buy for the draw, the greater your chances of winning. The winner will be announced in the Bounty Winners section, after which a new round will begin.

Players who win items can go to the events section. If there is an uncapped prize after the event ends on June 19, the player will be notified via mail. 1-UC Bounty Raid includes weapons, vehicles, objects and skin of characters. Players can see the number of participants remaining to win a particular item on the event screen as well as the draw to begin.

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