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PUBG Livik Map Release Date and Time in India: PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0

Tencent Games launched the redesigned Miramar Map for its PUBG mobile game last month. The company has now introduced a new mobile-exclusive map. Whose name is Livik. This new map will be added in upcoming updates of PUBG Mobile. It was being called ‘Secret Map’ before it went live in the beta version. After this, reports started coming out saying that the new map would be called ‘Forex’.

2 × 2 Km Size will be Pubg Livik Map Update

Pubg Livik Map is the smallest map of the game. Which is smaller than Sanhok. Its size is 2 × 2 km. Which is comparatively smaller than the 4 × 4 km size of Sanhok. The most important thing on this map will be that it will not take more than 15 minutes for you to have a chicken dinner.

The four maps will be seen in Pubg Livik Map

In this small map, you will get to see 4 types of environment. The top-right region has icy hills, the desert at the bottom-left. The rest of the land is littered with lush grasslands and trees. Finally, the fourth element is water which surrounds the island. Also, by looking at this map, it seems that in this single map, Erngel, Miramar, and Sahnok.

PUBG Livik Map Release Date

The company has announced the name of the map for PUBG Mobile via the official Twitter handle. Livik is a specific map specifically designed for the mobile version of the game and will not launch on the console version or PC version of the game. The company will release the PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 with the Livik map update on 7th July 2020.

The map will include many new features such as waterfalls, healing lakes and monster trucks. Which were not seen before in this game? In addition, this map will be liked more by those people who like to play dangerous games. Those who enjoy finishing the other squad alone, they will like it more.

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