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Prabhudeva’s Second Marriage took a Phere with a Mumbai Doctor in May 2020

prabhu deva second wife

Bollywood actor and famous choreographer Prabhudeva has been making headlines for his marriage for the last several days. It is now reported that he is tied up in a marriage with physiotherapist Himani.

According to reports, the closeness between Himani and Prabhudeva living in the Sakinaka area of ​​Mumbai increased when Prabhudeva’s legs and back were stretched once during the dance. He went to Himani for treatment.

Married after two months of live-in

According to TOI reports, Himani and Prabhudeva went to Chennai during the lockdown in March. Where both were in a live-in relationship for about two months. After this, both of them got married in May here.

Both were married in Prabhudeva’s Chennai house. No one was invited to this wedding due to the coronavirus and lockdown. This marriage took place only in the presence of family members.

Brother confirms his marriage

Now Prabhudeva’s brother Raju Sundaram has confirmed the news of their marriage. He told, “We are very happy with Prabhudeva’s wedding.” Earlier, TOI had claimed in its news that Prabhudheva is dating her niece.

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