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Portland Staffing and Recruiting Solutions

Portland is the biggest city in the United States, state of Oregon having 2,151,000 population in 2020 in its current metro area, which makes it the 26th most populous city in the U.S.

Portland locates in an area which is beneficial for many industries. It has low energy cost as compared to other cities, along with this Portland has large marine facilities, accessible resources, international air terminals, and intercontinental railroads. All these factors make Portland an attractive place to work for diverse businesses, as well as these features eventually create numerous kinds of work for job seekers.

From where temporary agency Portland starts their work:

To facilitates the businesses and job seekers the temporary staffing agencies in Portland working actively. Whether organizations hiring managers or candidates seeking jobs, temporary agency Portland provides personalized services during the entire process.

When organizations start working with temporary staffing agencies, they assign them a dedicated representative, which will get to know the specific requirements and deliver the best possible way to provide the personnel or staff they require, same goes with temporary staff in Portland. They have a quick response time, moreover provides high-quality assistance at competitive rates.

Areas of expertise:

Temp agency Portland provides executive search services, direct hire staffing, and temporary staffing services to connect organizations locally and internationally with impeccable talent. Temporary staff Portland provides their services in different fields of work that exists in different divisions. These divisions are:

  • Staffing
  • Technical/IT
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Executive search
  • Health & care

And their field of expertise are:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Administrative
  • Sales
  • Human resource
  • Legal
  • Marketing and operation

Recruitment Process of temporary staffing:

Sometimes an organization doesn’t want to invest their time in lengthy recruitment processes to find the right man for the right job in all their relative field of work. So they take the help of recruitment agencies.

Temporary agency Portland follows certain steps to hire in all fields of divisions on behalf of the organization itself:

  • Recruitment:

The recruiting firm does all the processes under their supervision. Starting from creating a job vacancy, announcing it by using social media or use publishers to print, deals with all the resumes, schedule interviews, and go through all given references. Eventually, when the firm is satisfied with the skills and qualifications of the individual they add it to their roster.

  • Training:

Training may be required to do some specific tasks or for some specific position. In such cases, temporary staffing firms train the candidates according to the need of employers like in terms of some software or other skills.

  • Placement:

Staffing agencies usually meet with the clients to discuss all the necessary points, for example, working environment, required skills and duties which individual has to possess and perform, their business environment, and the period for which employee is needed.

The recruiting firm representative goes through the organizational requirements and matches all the details with the profile of the candidates who exist in their pool. Eventually submit the matched candidate’s profiles in the consideration of the organization.

  • Payment Arrangements:

All candidates are employees of the staffing agency who placed in certain positions in different companies. The organization pays to the staffing agency against the hours their employees worked or you can say they are responsible for the payroll of their candidates. These temporary employees may be called a ‘loan to the organization or business’ during the whole period of employment.

Apart from payroll, the recruiting agencies are responsible for

  1. Workers Compensation (WSIB),
  2. unemployment Insurance (EI),
  3. CPP
  4. Vacation Pay and Public Holiday Pay
  5. Governmental Tax Deductions.
  • Supervision:

If the business has a problem with any employee that has been set down by a staffing agency, the organization contact a staffing agency to counsel to rectify and resolve the issue. If it remains unresolved the recruiting agency may provide a replacement.


To get the professionals in any industry, Staffing Solutions Portland provides trustworthy recruiting services for local and international businesses. Whether an organization requires to fill a temporary position or looking for a full-time hire, temporary agency Portland provides them, qualified job seekers, from their pool who possess the skills which a business is looking for!

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