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Paul Sorvino Net Worth: What Happen With Him and Death Reason?

Sorvino is a terrific performer, a good writer, and a good businessman all at the same time. Paul Sorvino’s wife, Dee Dee, announced his death to the public. She went on to say that she was going on to a new world because the great love of her life was no longer with her because there are only two persons in the universe.

Early Years

Angela and Ford Sorvino welcomed him to the world on April 13, 1939, in New York City. As a child, his father worked as a foreman in a garment factory, while his mother was a homemaker who also taught piano.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth

Throughout his childhood, he took vocal lessons and developed an interest in theatre. He attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy after graduating from Lafayette High School.


Sorvino worked as a copywriter for an advertising business before turning to act. He began auditioning for theatre roles after receiving instruction at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. He made his Broadway debut in “Bajour” in 1964.

Carl Reiner’s 1970 film, “Where’s Poppa?” was his first on-screen appearance. In 1971, he appeared in the critically acclaimed film “The Panic in Needle Park” alongside Al Pacino and Kitty Winn.

For his role in Jason Miller’s 1972 play “That Championship Season,” he won rave reviews the following year. The role would be reprised by him ten years later when the show was adapted for the big screen. Sorvino worked nonstop in the 1970s. He earned an Academy Award for his role in “A Touch of Class” in 1973, a romantic comedy that he starred in. It Couldn’t Have Happened to a Nicer Guy had his big break the following year. He starred in the 1976 film “I Will, I Will…for Now” with Diane Keaton.

He appeared in “Bert D’Angelo/Superstar,” “The Oldest Rookie,” and the monthly television series “We’ll Get By.” Wheelbarrow Closers” was his directorial debut in 1976. In 1981, Sorvino was cast as an Italian-American communist in Warren Beatty’s film “reds,” for which she got an Oscar nomination.

Larry Cohen’s 1985 horror flick “The Stuff” introduced him to “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” co-star Michael Moriarty. Despite this, he continued to be interested in theatre and helped found the American Stage Company in 1986.

One of Sorvino’s best-known performances is that of Paul Cicero, a capo in Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas.” One of his earliest notable screen roles was that of Sergeant Phil Cerreta in the hit series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Since opera was one of his favourite hobbies and pastimes, he stayed on the show for 29 episodes before deciding to depart so that he could continue to do so. “Moonlighting” and “Perry Mason” were two of the television shows he appeared in 1993. In Oliver Stone’s 1995 film Nixon, he played Henry Kissinger. He reprised his role as a gangster in “The Rocketeer” and “The Firm.”

For an episode of “The Big House” on the History Channel in 1998, Sorvino gave his voice and served as the narration. Mr Scheck, Arnold’s main enemy in “Hey Arnold!: The Movie,” was also voiced by him.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth

Frank Delucca was his role in “That’s Life,” which he played from 2000 to 2002. As well as directing and acting in “The Trouble with Cali,” he co-wrote and produced the picture with his daughter, Mira. He starred in Darren Lynn Bousman’s “Repo! The Genetic Opera” and “The Devil’s Carnival” in 2008.

Because Paul Sorvino’s Death

An Acclaimed American Actor and TV Show Paul Sorvino, 83, died of natural causes, according to media sources, but he had been ailing for some time. It is with great sadness that the film industry remembers and celebrates his life and career.

What Would Paul Sorvino’s Estate Have Been Worth Had He Lived?

It is estimated that Paul Sorvino’s net worth was $10 million at the time of his death.

Paul Sorvino died on July 25, 2022, at the age of 83. “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Goodfellas” are just two of Paul’s many notable credits in his long and distinguished film and television career.

Personal Life

Between his mansions in Los Angeles, California, and Madison, Indiana, Sorvino spent much of his time. He had three children with Lorraine Davis: Mira Sorvino, Michael Davis, and Manda Sorvino. Both Michael and Mira have gone on to have successful careers as entertainers.

Paul was frequently featured in the media because of his efforts to safeguard his girls. At the motel where Amanda’s ex-boyfriend was threatening her, he came. He was legitimately armed when he arrived to speak with the individual ahead of the police.

Ultimately, authorities caught up with the ex-boyfriend. Following the revelation that Harvey Weinstein may have molested his daughter, he vented his rage to TMZ.

He enjoys sculpting, and he is an accomplished bronze sculptor. He has also used his operatic voice to perform “Luna Rossa” in a duet with Eddy Napoli on the album released in 2008.

Paul Sorvino Net Worth

His daughter Amanda accompanied him to Washington, D.C., where he worked with the Americans Against Horse Slaughter organization. The family runs a private horse rescue in Pennsylvania.


Sorvino founded the Paul Sorvino Asthma Foundation, which aims to build asthma centres across the United States, to focus on asthma research.


In addition, Sorvino was a foodie who launched his pasta sauce line under the Paul Sorvino Foods label in 2007. Northeastern grocery stores started selling the sauce in 2009. Following an appearance on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Sorvino married political commentator Dee Dee Benkie in December of 2014.

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