Pandemic debate postponed after MP’s daughter attacked in Victoria

Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick suspected that the attack on his daughter had links with the proposed new pandemic powers in Victoria. The debate was postponed due to the incident and the parliament adjourned on Friday. Demonstrators opposing the bill in Melbourne had threatened multiple MPs, including the Premier and three crossbenchers. Meddick Friday confirmed that his daughter Kielan was attacked. A man hurled a spray can at her, causing a 3cm gash to her head. She was chased down and attacked in Fitzroy, reports said.

Receiving threats

In a statement, Meddick said: “Last night, my beautiful daughter Kielan was attacked on the street. I was with her in hospital until the early hours. My deepest gratitude is with those nearby who helped her when she was most in need, and to the wonderful carers and health workers who have treated her since.” Meddick, who supported the pandemic laws, said he had received threats and disturbing mail throughout the week. “Like many others I’ve been desperately worried about the comments, threats and intimidation that have been levelled at me and my family as well as staff and, of course, my colleagues,” Meddick said. “Now, my first fears have turned into reality. She will be okay, but it will take time.” Police are investigating the attack. Earlier, the MP had also received death threats towards his family and staff. Premier Daniel Andrews condemned the attack. “These actions are extreme, and no matter why it happened – this behaviour must be condemned and never, ever excused,” he said. “Andy and I don’t agree on everything, but on this we are 100% in agreement: Violence of any form, for any reason, against any person has absolutely no place in Victoria. Ever. No double speak – it’s never ok.” Protestors organized several ‘kill the bill’ rallies in front of Victoria’s parliament in recent days.

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