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Pakistan PM Imran Khan surrounded by the statement wearing short clothes

Khan was recently asked by the English Channel (HBO) whether the effect of wearing women’s attire causes incitement to crimes such as rape. He went on to say that if a woman wears short clothing, it has an effect.

Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister, has been heavily chastised for his remarks about women’s clothing. Pakistan’s opposition women parliamentarians have also slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement, which comes amid an uptick in rape cases in the country.

Khan was asked whether the effect of wearing women increases incitement to occurrences like rape in a recent interview with the English Channel (HBO), according to the news agency. He went on to say that if a woman wears short clothing, it has an effect. If guys aren’t robots, this will have an effect on them. It’s a simple issue of logic.

When Jonathan Swann, who interviewed Imran, questioned, “But does this actually promote crimes of sexual violence?” he asked in a different way. “It depends on the community you live in,” Imran replied. People in any community who have never witnessed such things would be affected. It’s possible that growing up in a society like yours has had no impact on you. This imperialism of culture… Whatever our culture is like, it should be acceptable to everyone.”

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