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Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained: Everything We Know!

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained: Outer Banks never fails to surprise, and season three was no exception.

This time around, the OBX crew was searching for John B.’s dad and El Dorado, the legendary city of gold, when they were shipwrecked on a deserted island.

The hunt became exponentially more difficult as external factors threatened to derail progress, but is that really anything new for them?

I think it’s safe to conclude that after witnessing ten episodes of vehicle chases, kidnappings, and shootouts, these are the bravest (or possibly craziest) teenagers on television.

The trip of the team concluded after 10 episodes, but not before some unexpected turns. If you haven’t been keeping up, you may be wondering if the lost gold has been recovered.

The real question is: Did everybody escapes alive? Read on to find out as we analyse another nail-biting OBX season finale.

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained

It would be unjust to move directly to the climax without providing some background information, given how much transpired in the last episode. No way could we send you into the deep end without a float. Thus, here we are.

John B (Chase Stokes) and Company Arrive at the Orinoco Basin Courtesy

John B (Chase Stokes) and company arrive at the Orinoco basin courtesy of Ward’s (Charles Esten) private jet but don’t believe for a second that John B has begun to trust him.

John outlines his strategy out of Ward’s hearing range, including his intention to seek out a man named Jose in Tres Rocas prior to travelling to the archaeological site of Solana.

In spite of his best attempts, the unreliable Ward is in fact overhearing every word John says, which is ominous.

outer banks season 3 ending explained

Kie (Madison Bailey) and Jj (Rudy Pankow) Arrive in South America

Furthermore, Kie (Madison Bailey) and JJ (Rudy Pankow) arrive in South America with the assistance of the cocaine dealer Barracuda Mike. They also travel to Tres Rocas and eventually catch up with the rest of the group.

Sarah (Madelyn Cline) and John B have aided Big John’s escape from captivity, but they are now in direct danger from Carlos Singh’s gunfire. Carlos dispatches his men to explore the neighbourhood for Big John.

Literal Game-changer

Once they are secure, Big John admits that he cannot translate the Gnomon, but he exposes the Danish Tanny letter with an additional translation key, which is a literal game-changer.

They locate the tour leader Jose at the river using this new information. Sadly, Ward had the same notion of pursuing Jose, so Singh’s men are compelled to allow him to tag along so as not to waste time.

In El Tesoro Ward is too frail to join them on the hike, so he recommends he waits behind and alerts them when Singh arrives.

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John B. And His Companions Discover the Gnomon Idol

In the depths of the bush, John B. and his companions discover the Gnomon idol, which, when activated by moonlight, reveals uncommon clues. Clues that lead to conundrums that they must now solve.

Big John does not trust his daughter-in-law Sarah, who is also Ward’s daughter, so teamwork is not their strong suit. Big John does not reveal the solutions, but he does aid the group locate El Dorado.

As Singh hears the next clue, he arrives just in time to thwart their intentions. It is discovered that Ward has collaborated with Singh and betrayed Sarah and John B by revealing their location.

Big John refuses to translate the Gnomon’s secrets, even when John B’s life is in danger, leading to a gunfight. Big John is shot, but they successfully escape.

Ward Attempts to Get Sarah to Join Him on the Evil Side

Ward attempts to get Sarah to join him on the evil side, but she makes her allegiances quite apparent by shooting a bullet at him.

When the group approaches the cave, Big John reveals what he has learnt from the Gnomon clues. John B and Sarah continue without him due to his injury. After several false starts, they eventually reach El Dorado, but it is not what they expected.

The city of gold is more like a collection of gold nuggets. However, it will suffice, as Sarah and John gather the riches and depart. Predictably, Singh has located them by tracing Big John’s bloody footprints.

They hand over the gold (gunpoint can be quite persuasive) and he orders Big John to come out of hiding, which he does, but he is armed. Big John, holding a stick of dynamite, threatens to detonate it until Singh releases his kid.

Singh refuses, and Big John carries out his threat by throwing lighted dynamite.

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Johns and Sarah Both Escape

Johns and Sarah both escape the commotion with their gold. Singh fails to destroy the explosives, resulting in an explosion that reverberates throughout the jungle.

Ward appears with a rifle, intending to steal their loot, preventing them from celebrating their big victory. However, his onslaught is prevented by JJ and the others carrying machetes.

Sarah steals her father’s gun in order to prevent anyone from getting shot as Ward’s battle comes to a close.

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Singh’s second-in-command Ryan (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), true to Outer Banks form, also arrives up to steal the gold.

John B is on the Verge of Capitulating, but Ryan is Not Satisfied

John B is on the verge of capitulating, but Ryan is not satisfied; he wants revenge for those he has lost in the conflict with the Pogues.

He initially attempts to shoot Sarah, but Ward intervenes. He leaps in front of his daughter, takes a barrage of bullets in her place, and then pushes Ryan down a cliff.

She is not the only one to lose a father on this journey, as Big John bleeds to death from previous wounds. The two are interred together in the jungle.

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