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Operation Dread Factor Release Date: New Defender Gadget!!

Rainbow Six Siege Year 2, Season 8, Operation Dread Factor is the latest thing Ubisoft has talked about. This information includes the release date, more details about the new Operator Fenrir, how to play the game, and more.

Operation Dread Factor Release Date

Rainbow Six Siege will get Operation Dread Factor on May 30, 2023. It comes after Operation Commanding Force. It adds a new Defense Operator named Fenrir, a new tool, and some changes to the map.

It also brings a lot of other changes, such as changes to the shooting range, changes to the quality of life, and more. We’ll talk about each one in turn.

Operator Fenrir of Operation Dread Factor

The new Operator in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dread Factor is Fenrir, a Swedish Defender. He is a 2 Health and 2 Speed Operator. He is a good Defender because he is smart and knows how to stop the enemy from getting information.

His device, the F-NATT Dread Mine, releases a gas called Fear Effect that makes it hard to see for a short time for everyone except Fenrir.

From their point of view, it looks like a ring of purple smoke is surrounding them. This makes it hard for them to see past the smoke, so Defenders can get closer without worrying about being seen, heard, or shot.

Operation Dread Factor Release Date:

Fenrir has five mines, but he can only use three of them at the same time. Fenrir can turn his bombs on and off from a long way away. This means that he can set off any of his mines even if he can’t see them. To set off a mine, the player only has to look in the direction of the mine and press a button.

On the side of the screen, players will be able to see where the bombs are placed. When the bombs are turned off, they can’t be hurt by bullets and can only be killed by an explosion. When they are used, they can’t stop bullets anymore. If an attacker goes into the mine’s area of effect, gas will start to come out.

The player can use either the MP7 SMG or the SASG-12 as their main weapon. As a backup weapon, Fenrir only has the Bailiff 410. He can bring either barbed wire or a Bulletproof Camera as a second tool.

New Defender Gadget

This move also adds the Observation Blocker as a new tool for the Defender. It blocks the view of the drone and the Observation Tool when it is in place.

That is, cameras won’t be able to see what’s behind an Observation Blocker. Before the drone or Observation Tool can see anything, it has to get to the other side. This sight block has no effect on the Operators because it only affects the cams.

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Shooting Range for Operation Dread Factor

With the changes to the Shooting Range, players can now test their skills even more with the new Aiming Lane. With the new lane, the player can change how they train by choosing different target types, target moving speeds, distances, and more.

Operation Dread Factor Release Date:

Also, there is a wall that can be broken through. Players can use this to see how much damage their guns do to walls.

Other Changes to Operation Dread Factor

The game’s controls will now look different and give you more ways to shoot, slide, and turn. There will also be a free camera in Match Replay. This lets players use a free camera to see their games from different angles while watching videos.

Also, Squad members can now let their Squad leader know when they’re ready to play. This lets them skip the timer and look for a match right away.

There is now also a Permanent Arcade playlist where players can play fun games like Golden Gun, Headshots Only, Team Deathmatch, and more.

As was said above, Operation Dread Factor for Rainbow Six Siege will be released on May 30, 2023. The special fight pass will be updated right away to include the new operator. After two weeks, any Rainbow Six Siege player can use Renown or R6 Credits to buy Fenrir and add him to their team.

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