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October Faction Season 2 : Why Did Netflix Cancel October Faction Season 2?

When will October Faction return for a second season? When can we expect to see the release of October Faction Season 2? Will it be postponed or scrapped altogether? If that is the case, then why would anyone do such a thing? The answers to the aforementioned questions may be found here, so don’t worry if you’re curious as well.

October Faction Season 2 Plot

October Faction combines classic comic book elements including a dysfunctional family, the death of a father, and monsters, making for a compelling read.

The Allen family—Fred and Deloris, who are monster hunters, and their high school-aged children Geoff and Viv—are the focus of October Faction. After Fred’s grandfather Samuel passed away, his family decided to travel back to their former neighbourhood of Barrington-on-Hudson in order to make funeral preparations.

Fred is reluctant and appalled to come back home since he is constantly reminded of the death of his sibling and the never-ending disputes he has with his parents about his inadequacy and his choice of women.

Viv has nightmares during a seance about an animal with long hair chained to the ocean below, trying to free itself, and soon after, the children begin displaying strange tendencies of their own.

October Faction Season 2 Cast

Additionally, Geoff is the first to solve a teacher’s deepest, foggiest riddle regarding his significant other. They’re both terrible at making friends, so the popular kids make fun of them for being unapproachable.

Deloris, played by Tamara Taylor (Bones, Lost), and Fred, played by JC MacKenzie (The Wolf of Wall Street), are the protagonists of the cast’s exploits in the hunt for monsters.

October Faction Season 2

Viv and Geoff, played by Aurora Burghard (Sex Education) and Gabriel Darku (Impulse), are the central characters of the film because of their fascinating personality and their capacity to deal with the unforeseen turbulence their “perfect” old neighbourhood throws at them.

Stars like Stephen McHattie (Watchmen) and Megan Follows (Reign) appeared in the first season. Wendy Crewson (Room) also made an appearance.

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When Can We Expect to See Season 2 of October Faction?

Many viewers have been and continue to be baffled by the uncertainty surrounding the Show’s renewal. I decided to be totally forthright about it. There is no word yet on whether or not a second season will be made, so consider it cancelled. The first season of October Faction will be the last.

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Why Did Netflix Cancel October Faction Season 2?

The October Faction was dropped from Netflix’s lineup for season 2 because of low viewership. Behind this lies a fascinating tale. The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that Netflix had cancelled two fantasy series, “V-Wars” and “October Faction.”

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These two series are adapted from comic book books published by IDW. Even if The October Faction is popular, it is unclear why Netflix has decided to remove it. The exact number of viewers is unknown, but they certainly weren’t few. The show received a 49% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is higher than the 33% average critical score.

There could be a number of factors that led to the failure of the October Faction, one of which is that it was disbanded. Netflix has adapted several IDW comic book series, including V-Wars, The October Faction, and Locke & Key.

It’s likely that Netflix only renewed one of the three dream programmes since they were all competing for the attention of the same viewers. Locke and Key’s renewal for a second season were therefore probably disappointing for the other two shows.


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