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Noor Alfallah Dating History – When Did She Meet Al Pacino?

Noor Alfallah Dating History

According to sources, Noor Alfallah appears to be the daughter of an affluent Kuwaiti American family. According to Page Six, she was previously linked to 79-year-old Mick Jagger and 61-year-old philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen. Noor has already been pictured with 91-year-old director Clint Eastwood. She had explained at the time that he was a family acquaintance. In this article, we are going to discuss the Noor Alfallah Dating History.

Pacino, an American actor, and filmmaker, and Noor appear to have started dating around the time of the epidemic. They also appear to get along nicely. The age difference between the two does not appear to be an issue. According to rumors quoting authorities, Pacino is much older than her father.

When did Noor Alfallah Start Dating Al Pacino?

During the pandemic, Pacino and Noor began dating, according to reports. It is believed that Noor, who is 54 years younger than Pacino, is in her terminal phases of pregnancy and will give birth in June. Even though he is older than her father, the age difference does not appear to be a problem, according to a source who spoke to Page Six. She is a member of the wealthy jet-set society and hails from a wealthy family.

Noor Alfallah Dating History

Pacino isn’t the first older guy Noor Alfallah has gone out with. Here are some of the other men she’s been with:

1. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood and Noor Alfallah were rumored to be dating after they were seen having dinner together in Los Angeles in 2019. At the time, he was 88 and she was 23. But Noor said the rumors were false and that they were just good friends.

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“We don’t have a relationship, and we’re not dating. There is no link between the two. We’re related, and my family was there, so that’s all there is to it,” she told the Daily Mail.

2. Mick Jagger

In 2017, when Mick Jagger was 74 and Noor was 23, they were said to have been together for a year. A person said that after meeting Noor in Paris, the Rolling Stones singer had “a lot of fun” with her. “Mick still has his famous charm, but even the band was shocked that someone as young and beautiful as Noor came to Paris to see him.

“They were both single and seemed to have a lot of fun together, so everyone just let them be. “Mick shows no sign at all that he will slow down. They told the Daily Mail at the time, “He had a smile on his face and that famous twinkle in his eye.”

3. Nicolas Berggruen

In April 2018, Noor was seen having lunch with Nicolas, but at the time, sources said that she was still dating Mick.

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