No Messi, no goal in Neymar-Mbappe

Lionel Messi means PSG game this season. At least that was the hope of the supporters of the party. But where is the injury? It was already known that Messi will not be on the field against Mompeli. So Mbappe-Neymar was the reliance of PSG.

However, the two superstars did not score a goal today. PSG defeated Mompeliye 2-0 thanks to goals from Idrisa Gay and Draxler.

Killian Mbappe and Neymar Jr. tied themselves in the first half. PSG was in power from the beginning. Anhel de Maria and Ander Erera were creating several opportunities. But the lack of coordination between Mbappe and Neymar did not allow PSG to score.

PSG took 11 shots in the first half. Of these, only three were in Golmukhe. Everything else has grown out of frustration. One of these three shots put PSG ahead in the first half. Mbappe extended the pass for Neymar in the 14th minute. It sticks to the opponent’s back. But The Maria got the ball.

The Maria pass was passed by Idrisa Gana Geke. Gay fired a shot at the time, and that is what gave PSG the lead. In the first half, PSG did not have to give any test due to the failure of the opposing striker Valerie Garmein.

The match was one-sided in the second half as well. Neymar-Mbappera could not use the opportunity to create a goal. Repeatedly their shots went off the post for a while.

Julian Draxler came on as a substitute for The Maria in the 6th minute. Go down or go down! The German midfielder has increased the winning margin of the team from the ball made by Neymar.