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New Zealand has been relieved to leave Pakistan and go to Dubai

Everything happened to a cricket team on the morning of the match, just like everything happened to the cricketers of the New Zealand team. Waking up on time, they were preparing themselves for the first ODI of the series. Their team was scheduled to leave the hotel for the field at 12:30 pm to play the day and night match. Meanwhile, a message came to the WhatsApp group of the New Zealand cricket team জর an emergency meeting at 12 noon. And everyone in the team must be present at that meeting.

After the message came to the WhatsApp group, a rumor started among everyone in the group – what happened was that there was an emergency meeting. That too with everyone in the team! The New Zealand team, which toured Pakistan after 16 years, was scheduled to play two series there. A 3-match ODI series. The other is a 3-match T20 series. But before the start of the first ODI in Rawalpindi, the New Zealand team suddenly decided to cancel the tour.

The Kiwis cited security threats as the reason for the cancellation. But what happened that day or the state of mind of the New Zealand players after the decision to cancel the tour – New Zealand captain Tom Latham recently spoke about it. The New Zealand team left Pakistan 24 hours after the decision was taken to cancel the tour. Latham also spoke about how the New Zealand players spent those 24 hours.

The New Zealand players reached the country yesterday via Dubai. There they will be in quarantine for 14 days. Latham told the New Zealand media that the 24-hour experience. The captain of the New Zealand tour of Pakistan said, “Everything was going on like a normal match day. We were preparing to leave the hotel at 12:30 pm and go to the field. In the meantime I received a message on WhatsApp that an emergency meeting was at 12 o’clock. And I went to that meeting and found out that we were going back to the country.

Describing his experience of staying in Pakistan for the next 24 hours, Latham said the next 24 hours after that decision were a little different. But it is true that the NZC and the Players’ Association and all those who were on the field in Pakistan gave the most importance to the safety of the players. It was a great thing that everyone agreed to send us to Dubai within 24 hours. We are all very grateful for this.

After leaving Pakistan for Dubai, the New Zealand players survived. “We arrived in Dubai 24 hours after the decision was made to cancel the tour,” Latham said. It was a good thing that we were all able to spend some time together as a team. ‘

Latham then added, ‘We have had 24 turbulent hours since we decided to return home. This time was a little different for the boys. But we as a team have been very close to those 24 hours. Everyone was relieved to be able to reach Dubai from there. ‘

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