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Neverdark: The Post-Apocalyptic Strategy Game We’ve Been Waiting For!

Neverdark Release Date: Neverdark is a post-apocalyptic strategy game developed by the independent Polish studio Simteract. It will be published by renowned wargame publisher Slitherine Ltd.

Neverdark is a pausable real-time strategy game in which you command a group of post-apocalyptic survivors attempting to rebuild society.

Small groups of survivors have returned to the ruins of once-prosperous cities following a series of wars and global conflicts, only to find them overtaken by violent gangs and doomsday cults. Defend your followers from rival factions and provide them with the sustenance and resources they need to restore order.

Neverdark Release Date

The game Neverdark will be released on PC in the United States and the United Kingdom on June 28, 2024 (source: It will be 14 months before this game is available for PC in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Key Features

Real-time Strategic Simulation Gameplay

Neverdark is a pausable real-time strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic universe. Society has collapsed after a global blackout, and it will be your mission to reconstruct it.

Neverdark Release Date

You are in charge of a group of survivors, and you must compete with other factions for control of the metropolis. Invest resources and expand your influence to conquer the city one neighbourhood at a time.

Neverdark is equally concerned with politics and social evolution as it is with combat.

Actual Cities and Actual Maps

In Neverdark, players explore a fallen and ruined metropolis. It is in dire need of reconstruction, and it will be your responsibility to adapt its infrastructure to the severe environment. Each map is shaped like an actual city: Paris, New York City, and Tokyo.

You will find yourself leading your citizens and expanding across familiar streets by acquiring and repurposing existing structures.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to use the Louvre Museum as the location of your Black Market, or to cultivate your harvests on Rooftop Farms in Brooklyn. Building placement must be deliberate and strategic. The placement of these items and the repercussions of your decision are wholly in your control.

Neverdark Release Date

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Political Decisions and Events

A new form of society without a central government has emerged. Your objective is to respond to arbitrary, dynamic events that force you to choose between doing what is ethically correct and what is politically advantageous. If civilization is to evolve and acclimate to ever-changing conditions, new laws must be passed and edicts must be enforced.

Tactical Battle

You must contend with other groups vying for possession of the city in some fashion. Both you and your enemies have access to potent and influential agents.

These operatives, known as specialists in-game, must be dispatched throughout the city to complete political and military missions.

In a neighbourhood where two factions are vying for dominance, a Political Agitator may persuade the residents to support you.

A competent long-range’motivator’ with a rifle could be equally effective if this strategy fails and the enemy has already reached the objective.

Bloodshed is inevitable, and it will be your responsibility to command your team of specialists in tactical, turn-based combat missions.


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