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Never Miss This Stock For Investment In 2022

Which are the points to consider while investing your money in a particular stock in New Year

Which are the best stocks to buy next year? If you are an investor in stock markets, you would be very keen to find the answer for this because everyone is fond of getting tips to make money. There are actually no shortcuts to make money but if you follow certain trends and patterns, there are chances you can also make money by smart investing. One of the main things in investing is to follow the opinion of experts in the field.

They can go wrong on many occasions but when you consider their overall winning percentage, it is better. You can read their opinion on a certain stock and at the end of the day, it’s you who would decide to go ahead or not.

Considering the interest in the subject, we are making an attempt to predict some top stocks that are poised to do well in the new year as well. So, let’s find out which are those sure bets and why they are considered good for investment?

Blue-chip Woes

Though the S&P 500 and Nasdaq have surged around 18 per cent so far this year, the case of several blue-chip companies is not very encouraging recently. You must be aware that those good companies who lost their value during March 2020 made a quick come back basically because of their strong fundamentals. In short, if the economic strength and performance of a company are good, they are bound to make a strong comeback in quick time.

It means that the dip is share prices of blue-chip companies are short term and they are poised for a comeback sooner. As an investor, you should realize that it is a good opportunity to buy good stocks and you can buy in dips of blue-chip companies. One such company is Walt Disney, which recently slumped to a fresh 52-week low.

The stock price of the leader in the entertainment industry is down around 35 per cent from its all-time high. For investor, it offers an opportunity to buy the stock of this international icon. One of the reasons for its dismal performance recently is the Omicron threat perception and its likely impact on its movie theaters and Disney parks.

All-time High in 2020

During its all-time high rally in 2020, investors were considering the income of Disney+ because of the prospects in OTT. Its park revenue showed signs of a comeback in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year. However, to reach the level of 2019 for its parks, it will take some more significant time, considering the threat of coronavirus variants.

Another reason for its slump in share prices is its negative growth for three years. Disney posted a loss in FY2020 with a net income of just $2.02 billion in FY2021 compared to $11.05 billion in net income in FY2019.

It posted an all-time high net income of $12.6 billion in FY2018. Considering the scenario, it is likely that Disney would make a strong comeback within a couple of years and a stake in its stock is ideal in 2022.

Disney+ is relatively a newcomer and focusing too much on its subscriber growth is not advisable. Disney+, launched in November 2019, had added a whopping 118 million subscribers within two years. In comparison, Netflix has subscribers of 209 million. Netflix stock has a market cap of $273 billion when compared with Disney’s $258 billion market cap.

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Another advantage in favour of Disney is its potential as a well-known brand. With growth potential coupled with its brand, Disney is bound to make a comeback next year and the investors can look to amass the stock during dips. Disney is considered one of the most powerful brands in the world itself and it has the potential to clock consistent growth in the coming years as well.

However, it has to be mentioned that the performance of a stock is also dependent on current market situations and the indices can react favourably or vice versa. If the threat of omicron vanishes completely in the new year, it will be a big positive for stock markets in general and stocks like Disney has the potential to make gains during such a scenario. But as an investor, you have to make the final call after conducting thorough research on the performance of the company’s stock for the previous years.

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