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Netflix White Lines Web Series Review – Pills, Thrills and Secrets

White lines is a 10 part bilingual thriller created by Alex Pina, the creator of  MONEY HEIST streaming on Netflix.

The Anglo-Spanish thriller tells a mystery tale set in the sun-soaked island of Ibiza, which is poised to become the next party destination, meanwhile, When Zoe Walker’s brother Axel is found dead, almost 20 years after going missing while working as a DJ on Ibiza, she decides to travel there and investigate.

White Lines will appeal to you if you want a trip down memory lane or if you like plenty of nudity and glossy style over substance.  I really wanted to like this and really tried as well. But if you are put off by a ridiculous plot, characters that are paper-thin and lacking in credibility and events that would fit well in a carry on the movie but simply don’t work in a thriller – however, hip it tries to be this is not really for you.

Netflix White Lines Web Series Review

The scenes merge over each other and create a really confusing visual that’s harder to swallow than the dodgy Manc accents. There are too many characters to focus on in the first 20mins which makes none of them likable even not seen relevant to the story.

However The cinematography is spectacular, Combined with the plot, screenplay, and characters, one literally feels convey to Ibiza. Its the cheapest way to get there really. There are tons of stunning aerial shots, and Ibiza is made to feel like an on-screen small-town: a universe of its own with several secrets.

the show’s good enough to feel like it earns it on the strength of a proper character-driven mystery and not just sun, sex, and sand, though it includes plenty of those things too but not enthralling enough to get hitch viewers to till the end so avoid this drivel.

Netflix White Lines Web Series Trailer

Netflix White Lines Web Series Cast Performance 

Laura haddock acts well but does go overboard in some scenes, mainly those in which she is required to scream and cry. Daniel mays once again deliver a lovely performance, making his presence felt wonderful. The rest of the cast leaves an effective and has their movements but gets limited scope.

Netflix White Lines Web Series Direction

The director fails to create the right kind of impact. He has concentrated too much on making a stylized web series but that has not taken care of the emotional side of the drama which remains dull.

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