Netflix The Principal TV Series Releasing on Netflix India

The Principal is Netflix four-part drama based in and around an all-boys Sydney high school where drugs, crime and violence are as common as pens and paper.

Series is a complex story about a mostly Muslim high school for boys in Sydney, Australia. Matt Bashir (Alex Dimitraides) is sent into the failing school as a new principal.

He proposes radical changes to the way the school is run and the way the boys are treated. The faculty and staff resist those changes at first but eventually come round to his view of things when they see the results.

The writers for the series were Alice Addison and Kristen Dunphy. They created an intense, highly charged world in high school and filled it with interesting characters. It’s a brilliantly written series along with beautifully shot. The mode of cinematography color collection is outstanding.

principal series is Violent, but still darkly humorous, Kriv Stenders  “The Principal” grabs your attention because it refuses to shy away from some of the more topical issues that exist in certain schools. Violence, drugs, religious tension, racism, bullying and homophobia are all prevalent here.

Netflix The Principal TV Series Trailer

It’s sensational Australian drama you should give a watch.

Performances -Alex Dimitriades plays a highly credible role as the street smart and compassionate principal.

The acting was outstanding, from students and adults alike. Rahel Romahn, who played the student Tarek Ahmad, deserves special mention.

Direction – Director  Kriv Stenders helmed the drama nicely, able to deliver compelling drama series inform “The Principal”. Whether it’s screenplay or performances everything is effectively attained .