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Netflix Orignal Web Series Dark Season 3 Review: A Beautiful Concept

Dark Season 3 Review

Dark has been one of the all-time favorite Netflix original series of most people. With this, it will easily be included in the list of top 5 science-fiction web series of people. I saw this German web series for the first time, everything seemed like a Stranger in it, but you could feel connected to it after watching the whole web series.

Dark season 3 Story

In the first few episodes, it feels like this one is very different. For which the universe has been formed. But the darkness soon became its own thing. With complex mythology that was perfect to rival Lost.

The first season introduced a small town in Winden, near the nuclear power plant. In which dark secrets are hidden from small towns.

Dark season 3 Trailer

Dark Season 3 Cast

About Dark Season 3

Dark Season 3 looks very impressive. To know its complex story and to understand its characters and mythology, the intellectual stimulation received is necessary. Since the end of the second season, the story of the part moves forward and while the final season of Dark is not distributed on every single thread.

The closing season is so big and different and new that it is difficult to talk about its plot without spoiling anything. From the very first episode itself, it forms the concept of a parallel world, Which initiates the prevailing season and separates the world through threads.

Dark Season 3 Review

The story of the dark season is so complicated that we are unable to say anything in front of you. If you watch this series, you will be lost in its story somewhere. All the characters in this web series have done extremely well. With this, you will not see any bad acting like any Bollywood film. In addition, I would advise you to watch this film without watching any trailer of this series. Along with this, if you avoid listening to the story of this series from anyone, then you can enjoy this series to the fullest.

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