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Netflix Don’t Listen Film Release Date and Plot

This Netflix original “Don’t Listen”, is a horror movie with an extraordinary plot marked by suspense and twists every now and then. Directed by Angel Gomez Hernandez and produced by Guillermo Sempere and Juan Moreno.

Viewers are sure to witness and applaud the upped quality of horror material Netflix is making. Don’t Listen, popularly referred to as Voces is certainly a thrilling watch. The movie “Don’t Listen” on Netflix is not for faint-hearted persons.

Don’t Listen Film Plot

The movie begins with a normal plot at first and in no time the mystery starts to unfold. A couple named Daniel and Sara moves into a dilapidated house with their son Eric.

The couple decided to refurbish the house and sell it at a better price in the future. But soon uncanny events take place and Eric passes away. Sara temporarily moves out while Daniel stays in. He can feel Eric’s presence in the form of his voice recording to Sara.

The adventure intensifies and the viewers are glued to their seats as Daniel arduously looks for Eric. He soon realizes that his spirit is captured with the house spirits. Daniel seeks assistance from a paranormal genius to curb the growing power of the sinister house earlier used for witchcraft. The question remains, who will come out safe at the end and how?

Psychological & Horror Combination

The skillful acting from the cast Rodolfo Sancho, Ana Fernandez, and Ramon Barea keep the suspense alive till the last second. Voces is an apt reference to the trending sub-genre of a haunted house.

The tragedy is building and strikes right away after the family risks their lives and steps foot in this otherwise petrifying old mansion. The film uses a blend of drama, supernatural elements, over-ambition, sensationalism, and psychological mindset to engage the onlookers.

The film claimed its international rights from the Film Factory entertainment backed by security from the ICAA – Ministry of Culture. The movie hit the theatres in the Spanish language on 24th July 2020 with a special mention to Entertainment One. The psychological and horror flick will make you glued to your Netflix this November.

Netflix Don’t Listen Film Release Date

The Don’t Listen movie will hit your screens on 27th November 2020.

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