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Netflix Series Breaking Bad Reviews – Greatest Show Ever

In the era of the digital world, many makers are offering interesting stories in the form of web series via several digital platforms, but yet nobody able to touch the height of the tv series called Breaking Bad.

Back in 2008, when the first season of Breaking Bad was aired, Vince and other producers were not sure that the noir will work in the longer run. As a result, season 1 of the series consisted of only 7 episodes. Oh! That would have been a satanic thing for mankind. However, season 1 brought in some good reviews and viewership, which led to the creation of a historic franchise.

As you travel through the episodes and seasons, the sense of danger occasionally tightens and relaxes again. But, the inevitable direction is towards darkness. Breaking Bad escalates into darkness as it proceeds. Everything is dark; the characters, the plot, so dark, but so hypnotizing.

From its opening moments, you knew Breaking Bad was unlike anything you had ever seen on television before. And twelve years after it debuted, it remains one of the most innovative TV dramas in the history of the television.

Even after Twelve years of its debut, and with three seasons of a spinoff series doubling down on its excellence, it remains a fact: Breaking Bad — with its intricate storytelling and stellar performances; big, fun action scenes; patiently devastating character development; clever camerawork and stunning cinematography — has only gotten better with age.

Breaking Bad succeeded where many “prestige dramas” of this peak TV era do not, because it began and ended with one goal in mind: to tell a gripping, specific story.

The main aspect of Breaking Bad success is performances & characters of actors, We can’t think of another television series that introduces a sympathetic main character who slowly becomes diabolical, greedy, self-centered, and cruel.

That’s what happens with Walt as we watch the drug business turn a timid, stumbling chemistry teacher into an overly confident, malevolent kingpin — aka Heisenberg — who wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet through someone’s head. Even as Walt becomes increasingly violent, however, because of the viewer’s attachment with the chem teacher from the start, it’s easier to sympathize with him as opposed to other characters, like Walt’s wife Skyler and his DEA brother-in-law Hank Schrader who continuously try to bring him down.

If Walt’s character was introduced as a villain from the start, it may have been more difficult for viewers to turn a blind eye, or back up many of his actions.

Netflix Breaking Bad Trailer

As far as performances concern,

Breaking Bad would fall apart without Bryan Cranston’s central performance as White. Few shows rest so completely on the shoulders of their lead actors, and Cranston’s Herculean effort as the guy who breaks bad places it squarely among the greatest TV roles—not just of the last decade, but of all time.

Breaking Bad became a classic drama for many reasons: some to do with craft, some to do with creativity. But above all else, it stood out because, however surreal the surroundings, in its conflicted, complicated characters it was true to reality.

Please do watch it, all episodes of Breaking Bad are streaming on Netflix.


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