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Netflix Announces November 2022 Debut of “Killer Sally,” a Documentary Series Starring Nanette Burstein

The lineup for November’s Netflix offerings is slowly taking shape. Sally McNeil will be the subject of a true crime documentary series that will premiere on November 3. One of the documentaries that will be released later this month is the one you’re about to watch. What you need to know is outlined in the following paragraphs.

The main focus of the narrative is on Sally McNeil, a former bodybuilder who served time in prison and was married to Ray McNeil, who was also a bodybuilder. She used a shotgun to murder her husband on Valentine’s Day in 1995, which resulted in her receiving a sentence of 19 years in jail.

During the new documentary series, you will hear from those who were engaged in the case, including friends, family members, as well as people from both the defence and the prosecution. Sally McNeil is going to be the subject of numerous interviews throughout the documentary series.

In the trailer that can be found on the show’s profile on Netflix, it is stated that the documentary series will investigate the circumstances behind the murder and bring viewers up to speed on the investigation, which supposedly resulted in Sally McNeil being granted parole this year.

Killer Sally

If you want to learn more about the incident before seeing the documentary, has a fantastic synopsis of the case that you may read. Nanette Burstein, who is also the president of Firehouse Films, is the executive producer and showrunner of the documentary series that is broadcast on Netflix.

The Hulu limited docuseries Hillary, which premiered in 2020, is Burstein’s most well-known work that was released at that time. Burstein was responsible for directing and supervising the production of all four episodes of the show. In addition to other works, such as “On the Ropes,” “American Teen,” “Going the Distance,” and “The Kid Stays in the Picture,” Burnstein is a writer.

Alongside a plethora of additional real crime documentaries and docuseries, Killer Sally will be broadcast on the same channel. The documentaries Conversations with a Killer, Making a Murderer, Tiger King, Dirty Money, and I AM A KILLER are some of the most popular offerings in this category on Netflix. The short series adaptation of Conversations with a Killer, which debuted not too long ago, focuses on Jeffrey Dahmer.

It’s part of the “gold rush” of documentaries that streaming services are producing right now.

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